How would you like the future of the Web? Tell Mozilla

If we could choose the Web we want, which would be the factors the we would mind first?

Mozilla asks this with the campaign “The Web We Want“, launched in May in conjunction with Firefox 2.9 release (and the 25th anniversary of the Web).

“Committed to you, your privacy and an open Web”
“Committed to you, your privacy and an open Web”

Clicking on the button we’ll be sent yo the video “The Web We Want: An Open Letter“, where an important message which puts the attention on the user is played, not accidentally, by children; it reminds us how much the Web is ours but also of the future generations, and how this it the best moment to start to act:

From this page we can vote choosing between six main factors, all in my opinion very important:

  • Privacy
  • Opportunity
  • Accessibility
  • Freedom
  • Learning
  • User control


From the beginning the most voted valors have been privacy, followed by accessibility, freedom and learning.

The world map, divided for nations, updates live and can be consulted on the project’s page choosing between various views based on votation’s factors.


On the feedbacks’ basis it’s clear that for the internet world is privacy the main factor which would have to be implemented to make the Web a better place; Mozilla is already active on this point, with a service like Lightbeam (“that enables you to see the first and third party sites you interact with on the Web”) and the feature Do Not Track (that lets you express a preference not to be tracked by websites) and the campaing Stop Watching Us to ask US Congress reveal the full extent of the NSA’s spying programs.

I voted because I want a Web that promotes Freedom:


Give your vote too for a better Web 🙂

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