Parade – Presso accanto oltre l’amore

There’s a blog I love to read and I follow from long time: its name is Bizzarro Bazar and it’s specialized in the publication of articles between fantastic and macabre, like a virtual Wunderkammer, a contemporary room of marvels with a certain retro taste.

Some time ago, as I was going to read all the articles I left behind, I found that the blog was promoting a publication, an indipendent press book written and, even better, illustrated by underground italian artists. But why Bizzarro Bazar chose to collaborate to this kind of project? Simple: the book, called “Parade, presso accanto oltre l’amore” is about paraphilias, weird and unusual erotic impulses.

2014-07-07 11lI got a copy buying it directly from the project’s Tumblr, and, in addition to Bizzarro Bazar’s preface, inside I found 30 fantastic tables illustrating each one a different paraphilia, with bilingual (italian/english) texts beside. The introduction explains that the project started with a research on the web to find the most weird love forms, then the illustrators started their job. Knowing this, it’s even more absurd to read the book and think that somewhere is existing for real someone with a strange passion like Spectrophilia (attraction for ghosts) or Pillow Fetish. In this case it’s true indeed the saying “to each his own”, and the book is celebrating this difference, transposed in an illustrated form with no judgement, and also it’s not a case that the preface is from Bizzarro Bazar, for which weirdness is a standard.
To celebrate this widespread oddness, this special creativity inside mankind, it’s left even to us a space for our obsession: in the last pages you can finally describe, confess, draw your very personal paraphilia 😉

2014-07-07 11.51lmThe book arrived together with an envelope containing two prints: I can’t wait to hang them at my wall 🙂

2014-07-07 13.37Parade is an indipendent production by Lab.Aquattro, Circasette e Tentacoli; you can buy it via the links on Tumblr and follow the news on the Facebook page.

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