“They Draw and Travel”, illustrated maps and imagination’s travellers

How much do I like the site I’m going to talk to you about? It’s called “They Draw and Travel” and it’s born from the idea of a brother and sister, Nate e Salli, both illustrators and designers, who decided to collect maps illustrated by artists from all over the world to create an ideal virtual globe.
Logo-TDAT-300Once more the travel mixes with the point of view, to the subjective vision, returning an unique experience which passes across the looks of those whom lived and seen the places. It’s not a case that one of the tips to create your own map and publish it on the site is to think to places we like to go and thing we love to do: the creators of “They Draw and Travel” want to know our favourite spots, those you can’t find on guides 🙂

This is why visitors can search locations in which they’re interested not just only writing the name and selecting the region, but even choosing between different styles and vibes.

They Draw and Travel © 2014 Studio SSS, LLC

For example, here is the result of a research of maps with “eating and drinking” vibe in Western Europe:

They Draw and Travel © 2014 Studio SSS, LLC

Every map has a link to the artist’s profile since one of the goals of the site is to promote the work of the illustrators who join the project. Speaking of which they already published three books and in the future is planned a collection of maps, other than the fact that every illustration can be bought as a print.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one on your walls? I’d obviously choose an italian one and an irish one 😉

If you are passionate about food, give a look to the sister site “They Draw and Cook“: same philosophy , a sea of recipes 🙂

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