– 3 days to the departure: free e-books for lighter luggage

It’s only three days before my departing to Northern Ireland and preparations are in full swing. I’ll fly to Dublin with Ryanair and I booked a 15 kg luggage, so it’s not easy to choose the whole wardrobe for a month (in a place where, thinking to the weather I’m used to, I’m cold in august), adding the italian foods I’ll take with me (salame and pesto are never enough), the colours and all you can think for a long stay. It took me three years to finally arrive to the 15 kg luggage: at the beginning I was departing with full bags and I was doing horrible travels tugging heavy and uncomfortable luggage, not asking for help to anyone because I was embarassed, arriving to Ireland dead tired. Then I understood that I had to sacrifice something to travel lighter and serene. The first things I trimmed have been shoes, then clothes, this time – alas! – it’s the turn of books.

So, since I bought a 10” tablet some time ago, I decided to try with e-books (reluctantly, I admit).

tablet_ebooks copyIt’s an experiment and we’ll see what happens, but in the while I used the occasion to download a lot of stuff, from novels to brochures about places I’d like to visit in Northern Ireland, to some texbooks I’d like to study if I find the time. In my research as an amateur, unwilling to spend money before I can say I like this method, I found a lot of resources which helped me to download free e-books and to read them without problems on my tablet.

First of all, I own an Asus tablet with Android: unlike the e-book readers as Kindle or Kobo its main use is not to read books, so as first thing I had to search on Google Play for an application to read e-books formats. After I tried some, I felt good with AlReader, an application which is free (but if you like you can donate here, here and here), very easy and it reads almost every format. To read pdf books I use iAnnotate PDF, which permits not only to read, but even to write on the document (very good for studying).

After this I started my research for free e-books, and here are my results:

Italian language:

Liber Liber



English language:

Manybooks.com —-> from here I downloaded the next book I’ll read, “The Hill of Dreams” by Arthur Machen



Amazon: downloading the free Kindle app is possible to send many classic books (and not only) to your own device. Here the italian ones and here the english.

Google Play: also in Google Play’s Books section some free books are available (even if the most of them are just parts of books). Don’t forget it will ask you the credit card number even to download the free e-books (then, of course, it will not take the money, but a lot of people are not happy anyway).

Another marvellous resource from which you can download pdf e-books, this time exhibitions catalogues and art books, is the MET Museum Publications section: I love it, it’s simply awesome.

Moreover there are tourist brochures about places and monuments, which are easily found on the sites related with the visits, and the many free e-books that marketing, copywriting and social media sites often are giving away.

In the end, if you like things made easy, here are two free e-books to find free e-books:

101 eBook gratis (oltre questo)Gianluigi Bonanomi

Z101 eBook gratis (oltre questo)

Kindle Buffet: Find and download the best free books, magazines and newspapers for your Kindle, iPhone, iPad or Android – Steve Weber

51B74mNietL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_I think for now, since I’m away just for a month, I’ll have enough e-books to be busy with. If you know other sites which could be useful, just write them in the comments; in the while I’ll experiment this new (at least for me) reading method. I always said I call “home” only the place where my library is: maybe soon I’ll have to change excuse 😉

You want to know how did it go? Read here.

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