Postcrossing/1 – Netherlands and Germany

When I sent my first two postcards with Postcrossing I thought it was taking long before the system was starting to work, but one of my postcards arrived and have been registered in only one week (let’s hope the one I sent to Russia didn’t get lost!) and in fifteen days I received two 🙂
It’s been wonderful to invent something to write and then going to send my postcards, and I imagined I would of loved to receive some “real” post myself, but when I opened the mailbox and I read the messages Wilma and Sabine wrote me I almost cried for the emotion.

Thanks to Wilma for sending me my very first postcard!
The beautiful postcard that Sabine sent me from Germany 🙂

Thanks to Postcrossing Project to make all this possible, can’t wait to send other postcards from Italy and Ireland 🙂

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