Stress and travel, then the party ;)

Northern Ireland. Here I am. I would of write earlier, but I felt I needed some day to recover from the travel and from the work business which took me constantly occupied in the two weeks before my departure. For the first time stress made my travel, one of the parts I love more of my living between two countries, difficult for me to stand: I’ve been in the middle of the presentation of a project I was caring a lot about (it seems it was good, by the way) and in the while I had to plan my travel and my stay in another country. The travel from my front door to Stephen’s front door is averagely twelve hours and I had to fight myself to not go in panic at every step.

How did I do? I drew: this is a sketch of Genova Piazza Principe Station with panoramic view from my luggage 😉

principe_logoDespite my fear of flying (yes, I fly pretty often but it’s never a pleasure) I’ve been able to take a photo from the window:

flying_logoI found out that the tip that often is given to those who fear flying – to not travel sitting by the window – is not valid for me: at first I was scared, but then I started to peek from the window and after few time I was surprised by the marvellous scene around. Thanks also to a beautiful sunny day, to look outside helped me to fight the claustophobia and to pass the time. Above all: to link the airplane’s shakes with it passing in the middle of the clouds calmed me down a lot.

Arrived in Dublin I had the luck to take the bus fro Belfast earlier than the one I planned, and finally I slept a bit.

At Stephen’s home an awesome Irish Stew was waiting for me to help me recovery from the travel, then the party started and lasted until sunday 😉

In the while I relaxed with some hours of reading and sketching (I’ll publish something in next posts). I really needed that, and now I feel ready to plan the visit to some marvellous northern irish places.

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    • Grazie per il commento! 😀
      Io questa volta, complice lo stress, ho patito molto l’idea di volare, ma devo dire che così ho apprezzato il viaggio. Incredibile, davvero: su ogni sito che parla della paura di volare ho trovato il consiglio di non sedersi al finestrino, ed invece… 😉

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