Wandering in Belfast – part 2

In the previous post I talked of the art trails, Lagan River, Albert Memorial Clock and Cathedral Quarter; today, even if a bit in late and from Italy, I tell you another piece of our Belfast‘s visit.

After wandering around Cathedral Quarter, we decided to go to the Queen’s Quarter, the zone where the renowed Queen’s University is, to arrive to the famous Botanic Gardens.

mechanical window belfast (2)l
Why is this window here? No other motivation than being on the way to the Queen’s Quarter and me liking it very much 😉

The University Quarter is a lively and alternative place: full of bars and cafè and most of all of second hand books and clothes shops. I already talked about a second hand bookshop in particular, the Bookfinders cafè & bookshop; talking about clothing, we couldn’t resist to go inside this curious shop of vintage and second hand clothes: already from the sign, “Yellow Submarine” was very promising 😉

yellow_submarine_belfast5lIf then we add the 3 pounds clothes section, the mix is irresistible 😉

The shop, three floors of pure vintage style, is managed by two nice and kind girls and inside there’s a selection not only of old, epoque and second hand clothes, but even of records and furnitures. I fell in love with a dress, but unluckily when I tried it the size was too big for me 🙁

After snooping around for some time, we went out again. As usual with no hurry, we walked around the quarter.

One of the things I didn’t tell yet, but that Queen’s Quarter took back in my mind, is that I love Belfast’s houses doors (to be honest of all of Ireland). These are the doors of a building part of the University:

collage_doorsThey are all different colours and shapes, and I like that people can give directions like: “…once you are in that street, just knock at the turquoise door”. Isn’t it nice? 🙂

Not far from the building I just talked about, there’s another one of undoubtedly high-impact: it’s Lanyon Building (from the name of the architect who designed it in 1849, Sir Charles Lanyon), the University headquarter.

queens_belfastlThe facade’s gothic architecture worthed it the nickname I gave from my first visit: in our daily talk, for me and Stevie this is “Hogwarts” 😉

Queen’s University in Belfast, which seen its roots in 1810, is one of the ten most ancient universities in UK and, as I read, one of the best.

We couldn’t just see the building from the outside, so we sneaked inside…

…even to see the famous Great Hall: covered in portraits of benefactors, equipped with an organ and a fireplace, it’s a very suggestive ambient.

An oddity: at the entrance of the University Building there’s a Galileo’s statue, homage to the philosophical and scientific thinking.

galileolSomeone says that when the clock is on 11.11, the statue closes its eyes; moreover, to touch its right foot seems to bring good luck for students.

Tomorrow you’ll find the last part of our visit to Belfast: I’ll talk about Ulster Museum and Botanic Gardens, don’t miss it 😉

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