Today at the cinema: “Italy in a day”, the first italian social movie

Italian (or living in Italy) friends, if tonight you don’t know what to do, I give you an idea: in the cinemas listed here you can enjoy the vision of the first italian social movie, “Italy in a day – Un giorno da italiani“.

10532925_841925949174217_1925141355325039628_nWhat is it?

In the wake of the marvellous “Life in a day“, produced by Ridley Scott and directed in 2010 by Kevin Mcdonald, Gabriele Salvatores wanted to narrate a day in Italy through the footage sent directly by users: the director asked italians to take their cameras, telephones or any other device which could shot videos and to record their life during a normal day, the 26th october 2013, and to send the recordings to his staff to create a movie replicating the daily life of our country.

To give some more ideas there were even some questions to answer:
What you love?
What you fear?
In what you believe?
How is your Italy?

Today, after almost a year, finally the big moment arrived and “Italy in a day” will be in cinemas: the work was enormous, since Salvatores talks about tens of thousands video which have been watched, classified, selected before being inserted in the movie. The words by Salvatores himself give an idea of the emotional impact of the project:

“The image of Italy I got from these 45.000 films is the one of a country which suffers but with dignity, full of hopes in the future. There’s a “tenderness” feeling towards life, towards human kind, which I felt positive for what I think.”

Gabriele Salvatores

If these words are not enough, watch the trailers:

Maybe it’s me, with my weird life always swinging between my country and the expatriation, being very sensitive to the topic, but these images moved something inside me, reminding why every time I go away I choose to be back to continue working and fighting for this country, made of (many) shadows but even of (many, many, many) lights.

Search for it in the cinemas of your city: the only occasion to watch it on the big screen is today, then it will be broadcasted on tv and other channels.

List of cinemas

You can find all the info on the official site:

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