Going back home: the inescapable happening of stress, two treasures and a golden rule

Tomorrow I’ll be back to Italy, and this is making me sad and happy at the same time. ad because I have no idea of when I’ll see Stephen again, happy because I accepted some new jobs that I can’t control good from here and I’ll be more relaxed only when I’ll have finally the lead on the issue back to me. This last thing just happened and I couldn’t do so much for it: I saw the new works arriving and relentlessly slide until they overstocked all together in these last days of my stay here. I’m stressed, I can’t sleep and I’m very tired even before starting: very bad.

Talking about this, I want to create a base rule for my work method (which never had, or felt the need to have, rules before):

work from anywhere, but start from home. Always. 

While I’m dealing with lack of time, meetings and conference calls to organise, bags to pack, I want to be positive and look at this month passed abroad with my heart full of good things. Here are two collections of those I call Treasures, picked up in last days:

Treasures #1 – from Palace Demesne, Armagh, Northern Ireland
Treasure #2 – from Gosford Park, Armagh, Northern Ireland

Keep calm: I just only have to continue, one step at time, one day at time, and all will go well.

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