A month reading free e-books: how did it go?

Do you remember my last month’s post, “- 3 days to the departing: free e-books for lighter luggage”? Since I was departing for Northern Ireland for more than a month and my budget was limited as usual, I decided to try to reduce the weight of my luggage taking with me e-books I could read on my tablet instead of heavy paper books. I’m back to Italy from few days, so I can say the experiment is over. How did it go?

free ebooks monthAfter years of brave fight against digital books since of my devotion to the paper format, I’d say that the experiment went very well. Contributing fact the shortening list of classics I still have to read, in last years I admit my will of reading went down. I have still a lot of books yet to read in my library, but, in some way, the fact I stopped to buy often new volumes weakened (not dramatically, but still) my love for reading. The possibility of having available almost any book, nearly outright and in any place, is appealing. A sure positive aspect is even the one of finding a lot of books free to download or at low prices. I took with me for this month and read exclusively books in free edition, in particular the Volume 1 of “Novelle per un anno” by Luigi Pirandello and “The hill fo dreams” by Arthur Machen (as I wrote here, I found the book in original language and it was a bit difficult). All things considered, even the fruitiion from the tablet in reading mode was not so bad: I would not suggest it for long periods, but temporarily is tolerable.

Although I think it’s not the 100% perfect method, since I’m still devoted to the object book, when it comes to books I buy for work, it’s really not upsetting me to have them just virtually; especially the volumes about the web, they become very often obsolete after a year (of not just some months), and I never found any profit or pleasure having them in paper format.

In August’s article I suggested a free app for Android, AlReader, that then I changed for another, in my opinion certainly better: it’s Ub Reader, another reader of epub and pdf formats. I found the readability of this application better than the other one; furthermore I like that at the start it shows an interface whit shelves and the books can be organised in sections. I didn’t try for now the in-app store, but the description assures that it’s possible to buy and download over 560.000 books in 9 languages, among which thousands of free ones”.

Even if specifically this is not about e-books, a great advantage of having a tablet with me has been the possibility of download free guides or brochures of the places I went to visit: even in this case, the lightness was a a benefit, and I could go around cities and places of interest without having to carry heavy or uncomfortable guides.

In conclusion: I opened a little glimmer in my absolute “no” and I’m happy of it. Then, yet, when “Vincent” arrived in Ireladn and I could fisically hold and browse it on the couch it’s been not bad at all and I would never exchage that for any e-book 😉

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