“Fredda come un dolore, Dolcenera senza cuore.”

Forza, Genova! My beautiful city is on its knees for a flood again. I suffer thinking of the ancient, loved alleys flooded with rivers of mud. Of the palaces and the precious streets only a week ago I was talking about while they fight against debris. Of my fellow citizens, friends and family, which lost everything or even just a little piece.

10360964_10204113140061506_4184346593108632076_nI could write about the floods I saw, but I don’t want to take advantage of what happened during last days. I only know they have been too many in last years, and that to live every autumn with the fear of rivers destroying everything at the first rain is not good. I want to hope this is the time something is changing. In the while, as I write, started to rain again.

Amìala ch’â l’arìa amìa cum’â l’é
amiala cum’â l’aria ch’â l’è lê ch’â l’è lê
amiala cum’â l’aria amìa amia cum’â l’è
amiala ch’â l’arìa amia ch’â l’è lê ch’â l’è lê (*)

(*) Look at her, she’s coming, look how she is, how she is
Look at how she’s coming, look that it’s her, that it’s her
Look at how she’s coming, look, look how she is
Look at her, she’s coming, it’s her, it’s her

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