Miscellaneous: books and movies – September 2014


  • “Side Effects” – Woody Allen

copertinaeffetticollateAn anthology of Woody Allen’s short novels published in 80s, in which all his love for surreal comic sense in normal situations is at its best. Difficul it happens, but I laughed a lot reading this book.

Voto: ★★★★☆




  • “Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There” – Lewis Carrol

coverI’m very bounded to the adventures of little Alice. I was around 6 years old and I was in holidays in Sicily when my mother came home with two volumes (which I still treasure in my library) for me: one was “The Paul Street boys” by Ferenc Molnar, the other was “Alice in Wonderland”; this last one was about to become the very first book I ever read in my life. After almost thirty years it’s been wonderful and also nostalgic to read “new” Alice’s adventures 🙂
This sequel of the famous book for kids, unlike the first one (inspired to game cards), is centred on chess and even in this case bizarre characters and a very weird story are not missing.

Voto: ★★★★☆

  • “The Incal” – Jodorowski & Moebius

IncalLint_18102009_204913I read this series in the one-volume version: these comics, published during 80s, are written by Alejandro Jodorowski and illustrated by the great Moebius, and they tell the story of John Difool, a detective who lives in a dystopian future and has suddenly to save the world when he gets in his hands a mysterious object: the Incal. Pure sci-fi; I’m not a great fan of it so I appreciated a lot the graphical part but not so much the story 🙂

Voto: ★★★☆☆


  • “Novelle per un anno – Scialle Nero” – Luigi Pirandello

9788804609391Novelle per un anno is a collection of short stories. They are many and even just the Volume 1 is made of five books; for now I read the first book of this anthology of stories which Pirandello wrote all along his life. The novels from “Scialle Nero” are set in Sicily and, the last ones, in Rome, and to read them is like to look from a window on Italy’s past. What to say? It’s Pirandello, it’s a classic and this says it all.

Voto: ★★★★★





  • “The Sacrament” – Ti West (2013)

sacrament_ver3_xlgA troupe of VICE’s journalists introduce itself inside a religious commune in the middle of nowhere after one of the photographers received a call by his sister, who helped to build it. This is just an excuse to create and actualize a movie/fake documentary inspired by the true story of the Jonestown Massacre. This movie creeped me out since it was inspired by true facts and I knew the datas were not the true ones: in reality the dead people were a lot (hundreds) more. A descent in the hell of religious groups, where control and brainwashing are a reality.

Voto: ★★★★☆


  • “Who is Dayani Cristal?” – Gael Garcia Bernal & Marc Silver

1495A man is found dead in the desert of Nevada, near the limit between USA and Mexico; he is just one of the many corpses without a name of those who are trying to go in the United States to find luck or even a normal life. In this case, however, a detail can help to understand who is the nth John Doe and why he arrived there: on his chest are tattoed two words, a name, Dayani Cristal. Who is Dayani Cristal? It will be through the search which starts from the tattoo that a sad story of hope will be revealed, a story which the two directors use to denunce the issue of the immigration to the USA and the modalities they face this emergency.
A very touching movie/documentary, I advice to watch it to know more a situation that often we hear nothing about.

Voto: ★★★★★

  • “Y tu mama también” – Alfonso Cuaròn (2001)

large_tm3xNZPx16fYYRl8RluxrkK6pAfter watching “Who is Dayani Cristal?” I suppose Netflix deduced I like Gael Garcia Bernal (well, anyway it’s true 😉 ), so suggested me this movie, that I was already knowing by name. It’s the story of two adolescents, Tenoch and Julio, which, bored and restless, convince the older Luisa to depart with them for an invented beach, “Boca del Ciel”. During this trip they’ll find many truths about their friendship and they will go back home changed.
This movie is often promoted putting the spotlights on the sexually related part (the story of the woman with two adolescents), but in my opinion that’s just a little part of what it instills: at the base there’s a story of growth and of feelings going beyond just sex, and this is even the teaching that the two will take home at the end of their adventure. I liked it because of the swing between lightness and deepness.

Voto: ★★★★☆

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