“The Summoning”: Macnas Parade at Bram Stoker Festival in Dublin

Bram Stoker Festival is held annually in Dublin to celebrate, as the name reveals, the famous creator of Dracula, born in Clontarf in the north zone of the city.

This year the festival from 24th to 27th October filled the steets of the irish capital city with vampires and goth and dark events.

bram620During the same weekend we were in Belfast for the Film & Comic Con, but we decided to go anyway the last day to see at least the ending of the festival: the Macnas Parade “The Summonig”.

Macnas is a theatre company which creates magnificent performances indoor and outdoor, famous for its parades; it exists from 1986 and has its base in the city of Galway, in Ireland. I already knew them but I never had the possibility to see one of their parades, so you can imagine my happiness when I read the Festival’s programme 😉

The parade had to start around 17.30 from three different Dublin places (City Hall, Essex Street and Moore Street) to converge all together in Wolfe Tone Square. We followed the one that from Moore Street went all along Henry Street before meeting the others. Unluckily the event was a bit in delay, so, since we had to take the train to Belfast, we lost the very last part of the parade. Anyway what we saw has been really captivating and engaging: around the starting time a lot of people began to gather in Moore Street, under a gigantic, monstruous mechanical puppet. Then, at 6.00 pm, finally a dark music started and, with ahead three masked stilt walkers with disturbing moves, the parade “The Summoning” began its walk.

Here there the photos I took during the event:


One of the stilt walkers
Uno dei trampolieri
The giant mechanical puppet: live it was very unsettling, I swear!
The giant mechanical puppet: live it was very unsettling, I swear!


Yes, he's looking at me...
Yes, he’s looking at me…

06_macnas_dublinl 07_macnas_dublinl08_macnas_dublinl09_macnas_dublinl10_macnas_dublinl11_macnas_dublinl While the parade we were following continued its way down in Henry Street, we ran trying to reach also the other two. Mission accomplished only for half: here there’s the second, the one with a winged black horse of fire  ♥

12_macnas_dublinl 13_macnas_dublinlI swear the next year we organize better, perhaps staying more than one day in Dublin during the Bram Stoker Festival. In the meantime, one of the next articles will be for sure about the day we passed in Dublin, don’t miss it! 😉



Bram Stoker Festival


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