A day at Belfast Film & Comic Con: a lot of cosplay + James O’Barr, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings

As I already announced, this visit in Northern Ireland has been full of tasks, especially during the first weekend, in which we divided between Belfast Film & Comic Con and Dublin.

The Film & Comic Con, about which I’ll talk today, was held the 25th and 26th October at Odyssey Arena in the centre of Belfast, organized by Showmasters. It’s the second Comic Con having place in Belfast and it was largely awaited: hundreds of comic and movies enthusiasts flew in the Odyssey Arena during the two days to attend the talks, search for memorabilia and other treasures for collectors and meet famous comic and cinema characters. And, last but not least, to show off the costumes prepared for the occasion or to admire the many cosplayers attending the event 🙂

BFCC Since we had the luck to be guests in Belfast (thanks to Aodán), we decided to go early to the event: Sunday at 9.00 a taxi left us in front of the Odyssey and we collected our press passes.

1_BelfastComicConlAfter a well deserved american coffee to take off of us the coma caused by the early rising, we started our day between cosplayers and famous characters.

The first one welcoming us was Jason, who took from me ten years of life: since he was posing without moving at the entrance, I thought he was a mannequin, but as I went near to take a photo he started to move the machete at me, risking to scare me away not writing any article on the event 😛

After, he gave us even his business card; you can follow him on his Facebook Page, where he explains how he does all this for “Fund raising for great causes and bringing joy to peoples faces“: Lurgan Slasher Fanpage.

2_Belfast Comic Conl(Mr. Voorhees was not the only one giving us his datas: the event was full of Star Wars cosplayers thanks to the participation of Emerald Garrison, the costuming club dedicated to the saga based in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland).

Then we wandered around the convention, waiting for the talks of the day.

The event was composed of different areas, other than the main one occupied by the stalls selling gadgets, games and collectors items.

7_BelfastComicConlGoing around the Odyssey Arena, first of all stood out the photo zones, in which you could have taken a photo in recreated movie sets, as the replica of Jabba’s Palace:

4_BelfastComicConlOr in the DeLorean from Back to Future or the car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:

13_BelfastComicConlThere was then an area dedicated to board games, where the players could sit and play:

16_BelfastComicConlAnd another area dedicated to famous guests from movies and comics; here Stevie, after countless changes of mind and panic attacks, was able to meet his idol and say “thank you” to him a hundred times (instead of the many questions he prepared for years, completely gone in front of him): no less than James O’Barr, the creator of “The Crow“.

In the same area were other famous characters, like the actress Clare Kramer, Gloria in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Ariana Richards from Jurassic Park, as well as the protagonist of the first talk we attended: Billy Boyd, who played Pippin in The Lord of the Rings.

5_pippin_lord of the ring collage belfastlIt’s not I thought it was not going to be nice, but it was anyway an event in another language, so I imagined it could be a bit boring for me. Instead I laughed from the beginning to the end: Billy Boyd answered to every question from the public in an ironic and funny manner, joking with the people and with the staff. Really great! He revealed a lot of secrets and funny events from The Lord of the Rings set, admitting also he still owns hobbit feet and ears 😀

During the day we attended to another talk: the one with two Games of Thrones characters, Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whelan) and Gregor Clegane, the Mountain (Ian Whyte):

18_yara_greyjoy_Gregor_Clegane_BelfastlEven this time the half a hour talk passed fast, even if we noticed a bit of coldness by Ian Whyte (but I suppose everyone is free to have his own disposition). Completely different from her character was Gemma Whelan, both temperamentally and physically: really, this is the proof of how much the clothes are important for the building of a character! During the talk she even accidentally spoilered a part of the series: yes, I was one of those not yet knowing, but I admit it was fun to be spoilered by Yara Greyjoy in person 😛

We passed the rest of the event taking photos of cosplayers; unluckily we couldn’t have one of the best in our opinion: early in the morning, when we were just arrived, we saw a little Darth Vader (I think he was around three years old), so cute!

Anyway we fixed that with the many photos we took around Comic Con:

23_BelfastComicConlThe day ended with a parade and the following group photo of all the cosplayers:

24_BelfastComicConlIt was a great day and now we wait for the next Belfast Film & Comic Con; the date is already set for the weekend of 31th October and 1st November 2015 with an edition completely dedicated to the world of horror: an event you cannot miss!

You can remain up-to-date on the official Belfast Film & Comic Con site: www.belfastfilmandcomiccon.com

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