The three Christmas Markets of Genoa

With the Christmas period, Genoa covers with lights and greeting and, dressed up like this, accompanies its cityzens to the new year. Between its traditional attractions there are the Christmas Markets, less known of the ones of other cities, but not for this less old and big. My high school years are full of memories of walking between stalls full of handmade creations and the first little gifts I put under the tree came from here.


Walking through the centre of the city you can see three different Christmas Markets, every of them with its peculiarities.

My walk started at Brignole Station: very handy for those who move with the train, since it is right in front of the station, I’m talking of

  • Brignole Market

In this market, the biggest of the three, traditionally outdoor in the gardens in front of the station but now held inside a big tent, you can find gifts for all budgets, other than street food stalls from different italian regions, and handicrafts. Inside you will find also a section dedicated to christmas decorations:

Genoa’s citizens traditionally buy here the little statues and building for their nativity scenes and also the various decorations for the christmas tree.

Walking through Via XX Settembre towards Piazza De Ferrari and then turning to the right at the back of the Theatre Carlo Felice, you will arrive in Piazza Piccapietra, where is the second market:

  • San Nicola’s Market

This market is completely indoor and recreates a space with the pure Genoa style black and white striped columns and little streets and squares everyone with their names. Here the public is made of both adults and children since one of the attractions is Piazzetta della Stalla (literally: Little Square of the Barn), where you can admire some animals from the nativity scene:

If you love typical products, this will become the place where you buy most of your presents: many stalls offer products coming directly from agritourisms and farm companies from the north of Italy (and not only) and there are even samplings. You will find also handicrafts from all over the world.

The last Christmas market we meet in our little tour is in the little halleys towards the sea; I’m talking about

  • Campetto Market

This market, set in the historical centre of the Genoa between Piazza Campetto, Piazza Banchi and Via Macelli di Soziglia, is the one which features the most artisanal products: here artists, creatives and young designers present their works in many coloured stalls. Last year I joined them with CartEssenza and it had been a marvellous experience.

This is the market for you if you like one of a kind and handmade works, and a Christmas atmosphere right in the centre of the city.

You’ll have the luck to be in Genoa during Christmas period and you don’t want to miss the opportunity of buying a unique gift? Here is the map on which you’ll find the markets I just talked about:

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