Northern Ireland – Italy: a tiring return travel (with some thrills attached)

Why Ryanair’s flights between Orio al Serio and Dublin have always awkward times? One day I’d like to know the reason, since for every travel I have to work a lot to take all the rides to arrive at my destination without having to sleep in one of the two airports. When I achieve to do so, I remain anyway for at least two days with wrong sleeping times, broken bones from carrying the bags between two countries and the readjustment to food, weather and ambient of the nation I arrived.

In particular, this time my plane was flying from Dublin Airport at 6.15 am, irish time: I departed from Lurgan at 1 am to take the 1.30 bus in Banbridge (the 2.30 one doesn’t exist and the 3.30 one is too late) and I arrived in Dublin at 3.00. This is not the first time I travel at these times and I can assure that the three waiting hours without previous sleep are infinite. Luckily there’s the food court at the first floor that offers couches, tables and wi fi for those who have to wait. So, to not surrender to sleep, I occupied one and drew the (not so interesting, I admit) surrounding ambient:

airportlThis is just the start: when finally the departure time came, to my usual fear of flying (yes,even if I often travel by plane, I’m very scared of it) I added the terror for the weather. I thought in the past I traveled with strong winds, but I’ve never seen a thing like the one of that morning: the gusts were so powerfull that in the short way from the gate to the plane we weren’t able to walk; some of my travel companions were laughing nervously and someone even screamed. So scary. The plane was moving while we were boarding and from the window I saw the wings totter for the continous gusts. For the first time in my life I was seriously tempted to stand up and walk away, then call Stevie and tell him that I was going back to his house (but whithout the bag).

Luckily, after the departure with incredible scary inclinations, the flight was not bad at all. The initial adrenaline did its job so during the flight I couldn’t sleep even a for a minute, and this is the result:

ryanairLAfter we passed UK the wind calmed down and finally the sun was up. Near Italy I was welcomed, after days of rain, cold and even snow, by a beautiful weather:

Le #Alpi dall’aereo: ciao #Italia ♡ #flying #involo #traveling #inviaggio #Ryanair #italy

Una foto pubblicata da Maettina (@maettina) in data:

Every time I land in Italy I have contrasting feelings: I’m happy because I feel home, but also I’m sad because at that point me and Stevie are very far. It happened that I found myself smiling and crying at the same time, with people around me very surprised 🙂

So, to cut it short, after the arrival in Orio al Serio, following my routine of the last three years I went to take the bus to Milan Central station, and then from there the train to Genoa.

My friend Michela wanted so much to see me that she came to meet me at the station and helped with the bags on the way to my house, where my mom was waiting, already cooking for an army. What to say? It’s good to be home, even if after these last years I can’t understand anymore exactly where the true home is: Pliny the Elder said

“Home is where the heart is”

but in my case it’s not helping 🙂

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