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  • “Racconti” – I. B. Singer

Immagine_Racconti_(Grandi_Romanzi_Corbaccio)_Isaac_B._Singer,Bruno_Oddera,Maria_Vasta_Dazzi,Mario_Biondi_-_2014-11-21_10.47.48I love Singer from when I read one of his written works in a school anthology and, even if I was little, it remained in my memory. It was a simple, traditional jewish story about the night of Hanukkah, similar to a Christmas story, but with a twist from the appearence of the Devil. From that moment I read many works by the Nobel Price writer, and this short stories collection is added now to those; it seems to read a book of legends. Very good as usual.

Read a (marvellous) piece here: To lose footing and fly out into eternity – from “The Spinoza of Market Street” by Isaac B. Singer

Voto: ★★★★★

  • “Hop Frog” – Edgar Allan Poe

51TCKELxxCLThe dwarf Hop Frog was kidnapped from his house to become a jester at the court of a king; the only friend he has is Trippetta. When the king threats her bad, the smart dwarf decides to take a terrible revenge.
It’s a late work by Poe and it’s included in the part of his stories dedicated to revenge.

You can find the free ebook here: Hop Frog su Feedbooks

Voto: ★★★★☆



  • “The Hunger” – Tony Scott (1983)

the-hunger-movie-posterMiriam (Catherine Deneuve) is an ancient vampire and lives with her lover John (Davide Bowie), to whom she promised eternal life. When the man, suddenly, starts to grow old very fast, they meet Sarah (Susan Sarandon), young doctor studying human ageing. But then Miriam’s fascination will not leave indifferent the young woman…
This has been one of my favourite teen age movies and still today I watch it with pleasure: dark and classy. Also, there’s Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy who sings “Bela Lugosi is Dead” 😉

Voto: ★★★★★


The next two movies have been choosen by me and Stevie after watching a video listing the ten best worst movies ever. We chose (without regretting it) to watch:

  • “Birdemic” – James Nguyen (2008)

Joan_PINK_YELLOW_flat_CMYK_REV.psdEven if the first killer, explosive (yes, I wrote explosive and I meant it) birds appear only after a good part of the vision, this movie is about a young couple that, after a night in a motel, wakes up to find an invasion of dangerous fowls. The first question would have to be: why? But instead, the ones we can’t escape, are: how did it happen that this movie was made? They’re joking at me, yes?
Watch a trailer and you’ll understand what I’m talking about: the only horror thing is the special effect part, the rest is pure, true comedy.

Voto: ★☆☆☆☆/★★★★★

  • “The room” – Tommy Wiseau (2003)

THE_ROOMThis is really one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen: it has a vague plot, developed in a senseless and inattentive manner, and an awful acting.
Still, there’s something more: maybe it’s the extreme belief of the actor/director/writer (yes, it’s always Mr. Wiseau), maybe it is the senseless scenes, anyway we had a lot of fun watching it.
And we didn’t stop at that: some of the movie’s lines are so epic and unforgettably bad that we use them to joke between us.

Also, searching for infos on the director, I found his obscure biography: simply incredible! Tommy Wiseau

Voto: ★☆☆☆☆/★★★★★

  • “Biutiful” – Alejandro González Iñárritu (2010)

11178003_800Iñárritu is one of my favourite directors. I follow him from Amores Perros, film I loved from the first vision. The only one I didn’t like so much is the famous “Babel”, and maybe it is cause of this that it took me some time to watch “Biutiful”. And I’ve been wrong: this movie is a marvellous punch in the stomach, one of the fews (maybe even the only one) that in last years made me cry.
Uxbal is a criminal from Barcelona: he lives managing chinese and african clandestine work. But, in pure Iñárritu style, the sequence of events takes us deeper in the life of the character, until it unveils a more human part of his soul: Uxbal, who never met his father, is the dad of two children that he tries to grow the best he can, even despite the difficult relationship with his former wife, fragile and bipolar. The movie follows his life from the moment in which he is diagnosed with a cancer leaving him with only few months of life.

Voto: ★★★★★

  • “In her skin” – Simone North (2009)

51TFSL+vqALThis movie recreates the true story of the killing of the 15 years old Rachel Barber by Caroline Reed Robertson, happened in 19999 in Australia.
Caroline, former neighbour and baby sitter of the Barber’s family, is a disturbed young woman that becomes obsessed with the young, beautiful and talented dancer Rachel. Since she isn’t able to become her friend, she kills her.

Voto: ★★★☆☆

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