Going home with the boat, in Genoa you can do it

Since I’ll be part of Trippando’s initiative, INSIDERS, for which I’ll have to write an article on the 10 things you can’t miss in my city (i’ll publish it next week), last weekend I went around Genoa with a list of places in my pocket, the camera at my neck and my good friend Christian at my side.

Since I’m a person that always arrives straight at the goal, without detours (catch the irony),when we arrived in Porto Antico (for those who don’t know Genoa: the zone of the Aquarium)…

…took place one of my moments “I decided this, but NOW I HAVE absolutely to do this other thing“: I saw the Navebus docking near us, I looked with imploring eyes at Christian and almost straight away we jumped in the queue to get on board.

Navebus service is a *marvellous, particular, exciting* AMT’s (Genoa’s bus company) alternative to the bus on the route Porto Antico – Pegli: the boat Onda Azzurra, for a little price (3 euro per way, 1,60 for Genoa’s residents), transports citizens and visitors on this route cutting through the water of the Port inside Diga Foranea (the dam protecting Genoa’s port from the open sea).

On the Onda Azzurra you can take place both inside or, if you go on the second floor, outside; we chose the inside, despite the sunny day, because I was recovering from a bad flu and so I didn’t want to risk feeling bad again. Also, I love the wooden furnitures and the comfortable couches of the inside space.

After a short stop to board all the people in the queue, composed by many tourists and visitors but also citizens, the original sea trip had its starting. These are the photos of the route:

The stern of the boat is open, and from there you can see the centre of the city getting far bit by bit

The trip was relaxing and we were almost sorry when, after just only 30 minutes, we were near Pegli.

One of the boat’s staff, while I was taking photos to the horizon, came close to me and pointed out Costa Concordia: the relict, transported in Genoa months ago, is enormous and creepy; can you see it in the photo?

DSC_0095blAnd, finally, we arrived in Pegli.

DSC_0097blMost of those who were on the boat returned to Porto Antico, but, if you have the occasion, I’d advice to take a walk even in Pegli, especially at the sunset 🙂

DSC_0100blAlso, in Pegli there are some pretty interesting museums. This gives me the idea for a future post 😉 Stay tuned!

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