Goodbye, books and movies Miscellaneous!

Every month, in time like clockwork (it’s not true, I know), “Miscellaneous” articles were coming, created almost from the beginning of this blog to collect books and movies I read and watched during the previous thirty days. But now I changed my mind.

anWhile readind the list of books and movies for January and the question arrived, impossible to escape: what’s the sense of grouping together a mix of books and movies from completely different genres? Yes, because, if there are fields which reveal my double personality, probably these are literature and cinema, especially if placed side by side in the same article.

Let’s give an example: picking from the list, last month I read “The Pickwick Papers“, the first novel by Charles Dickens (if you are curious, I found it pretty boring). Sticking with the subject, I watched “Mickey’s Christmas Carol“, which made me face the fact that, if when I was 10 years old seemed to last two hours, it’s just 26 minutes (really, how’s that possible?!?).

Bah! Humbug!

Until here, we are ok. Mr. Pickwick and Mickey Mouse. Christmas holidays and classic english humor. Then, *bam!*: during the same nights, me and Stevie passed to titles like “The taking of Deborah Logan” or “Afflicted” (this one filmed in the beautiful Cinque Terre, where in the last three years I promised Stevie to take him someday for a romantic trip. You can imagine his reaction). And then, above all the other movies, “Tusk“.

1422608629837Tusk“. A film that succeeded in making me sick after years of horror movies. We put it on during a night at Jp’s, to watch it all together. Result: Stevie’s brother ran away from the room, while we were trying to act nonchalant but, scene after scene, we were giving new meanings to northern irish cursing. The main character is kidnapped by a psychopath and bit by bit turned in a walrus. And two evenings earlier I was watching Scrooge McDuck changing his life in the Disney’s version of Dicken’s classic.



Giving another example, after my return in Italy, the list changes again: now there are the movies I chose following my very own tastes. From horror genre I passed to dramatic movies, with gems like “Mystic River” and “Dallas Buyers Club“, both incredible and well-recommended, plus a really not bad “Drugstore Cowboy“, with even a William S. Burroughs cameo.

I think now it’s clear why I don’t think it’s useful to continue with Miscellaneous articles: to make them interesting, there would have to be at least a leitmotiv. Plus, I’m not a cinema expert, nor I want to become one: I just watch many movies, and all pretty different.
I’ll surely continue with the reviews of books I liked, and maybe I’ll find a way to write anyway my two lines of comment on movies I watched. I just don’t know how yet.

Do you have any tips? Write them in the comments.

Then, if you already feel nostalgic, you can read Miscellaneous here.

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