[Infographic] Feeling too old to start? Change idea.

I had the idea for this article from a conversation with my sister, who is 10 years younger than me and is starting a new path of her life right now: change of job, of house, of ways; of life, we could say.

Some days ago, in front of a coffee, she exposed a big anxiety: she feels the time passing like quickly it’s getting late. She said she feels like she has lost a train full of possibilities, which will never come back. I told her that probably her train did not even pass yet.

During last years, it happened I felt the same, as if I ended my range of possibilities at 25 years old: what is done, is done, nothing else. Then, while attending a course (the one that made me start my actual job), I met Sara. Sara has some years more than me and at that time she was back in Italy after a long period in the USA, where she lived and worked. When I exposed her my anguish, she told me a thing: while in Italy is taken for granted that the path (studies, life, jobs…) you choose during youth is the one you have to follow all your life long, somewhere else is not hard to find people changing their minds and starting new at an elder age. Easy words, revolutionary concept.

In the years following my chat with Sara, many things changed in me and in my life.
When I think about it, it’s hard to recognize myself in the person I was then. I started traveling, I became more self-confident and, bit-by-bit, I threw out of my life people and circumstances that were not part anymore of what enriches me. I found new scopes giving me satisfaction and to work hard in the related activities was not a burden but a joy. Even knowing all this, I still don’t feel I arrived exactly to what I would want to really do/be. On the opposite, there’s actually a big possibility that I have yet no idea. I just a have a certainty: when I find myself in front of a turning point, I know which one is the way I DON’T HAVE TO follow. Even this is a path, and I’m walking through it: after all, during last years, to be a “Wanderer” is not a new sensation.

So I want to say it loud, here and now: to change your mind is not a failure, either isn’t to take the wrong way. The true failures are not wanting to see this or to change, letting yourself going far from what can make you happy and satisfied.

To endorse my words with facts, I advise you to read this infographic by Funders and Founders:

© Funders and Founders – http://fundersandfounders.com/

If Joseph Conrad until his 20s didn’t talk or write a word of English, or Van Gogh didn’t paint until 27 years old, what is stopping your change? 😉

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