Maptia 2.0: the storytelling with the force to change the world

How much di I love Maptia? A lot, and this is not a news for who is reading this blog from the start.

Today, in fact, I’m going to update one of the first articles I wrote on “Bohemian Wanderer”: it was few days from when I opened this blog and decided to make of it kinda my travel and life diary. I couldn’t wait to share with the web the news that bit by bit, virtually or physically, I was finding and falling in love with in my new life between two countries.

For those already knowing Maptia, it shouldn’t be a news the fact my choice went to this platform: interesting, ambitious, stunning. When I published my article “Maptia. Travelers under unfamiliar stars” the platform was still a work in progress before the launch. I signed for trying to have a profile all mine to know the project better.

In December 2014, Maptia finally opened the possibility for everyone to become part of the community, with the version Maptia 2.0: followed an invitation mail for the activation of my profile and the registration to the weekly newsletter.

Mae_on_Maptia_-_2014-12-03_16.56.32Maptia believes in storytelling as a practice that could have a positive impact on our perception of the planet: the sharing of the most beautiful of our travel stories and images, and above all of our life experiences, can make the world a better place.

Is this true? I think so.

Every time I open my weekly Maptia mail, I am surprised, amazed by the incredible places and stories I read. To see the beauty of the world and the people gives me hope, especially in a dark period like the actual one.
This is thanks to the incredible effort that creators and curators of the project have done from the beginning: very high-level contents, created by a community base composed by important writers, photographers and travelers. In the guidelines, after all, it’s specified: Maptia is not a casual travel diary in which insert any image or thought; instead is a place where to share the best photos, the most vivid memories, the experiences we think are worth to tell. And indeed, since of the quality of the articles we read on the platform, I believe few would think to publish on it low level contents.

Now, for example, I have my profile and I just use it to read the stories of other members; I really enjoy browsing among the storytellers and vote the stories I like more with Maptia’s particular system:

Big_Break_·_Maptia_-_2015-02-08_12.18.26I like very much also the browsing system between the stories: you can choose to search the stories for places or to directly read the “Editor’s picks”, or also to follow a theme, like Culinary Adventures, Wonders of the World or Festival and Celebrations.

In addition, in the menu you can choose the section “Causes”: here is the voice of organizations and people trying to change the world.

I advise you to go and take a look at the platform and to join their community to get the newsletter: it gifted me some moments of pure joy 🙂

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