Sketching around: dinner in Armagh – Northern Ireland

Since I started to draw again, especially when I travel, one of the things I cannot help but doing is to note down the food. This is a surprise even to me: pages and pages in my sketchbooks are dedicated to lunches, dinners and snacks.
The reason is clear: one of the most destabilising factors for an italian abroad is the food. No pasta, completely different cooking, often tasting insipid from ours, even if it’s full of fats (I know, before I wasn’t believing myself that it could be possible for a cooking to be at the same time insipid and fat, but I had to change idea).
The first times in Ireland have been a pain: I refused to taste many plates, I was going to the supermarket to buy italian ingredients to cook by myself, inevitably I was ending dejected because the taste wasn’t the same as at home.
Then, bit by bit, I started to taste and appreciate the irish cooking. I am lucky because Stevie is a very good cook and now it’s rare that I find some dish I don’t like at all.

All this introduction to accompany a drawing I did some time ago: when we are Jp’s guests in Armagh, we often have dinner at Stevie’s grandparents and, since time began, there’s no better cooking than grandmother’s cooking. This is an irish dinner, complete with hamburger, chicken and vegetables, with an ending in which are not missing handful of sweets (italian or irish, grandmothers are anyway trying to feed you five times your normal ration of food 😀 ).

dinner in armaghl
“Dinner in Armagh” – pen and watercolours

To be honest, the classic irish meal doesn’t include the hamburger, being more a single dish composed by meat and two/three vegetables sides, but that night we had dinner like this.
I’ll go in depth on the food in Ireland topic, maybe with the drawings that surely will fill the pages of my sketchbook.

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