Why visit Genoa? The “italish” point of view ;)

Here we are to the second article (to be precise, the third on Bohemian Wanderer) related to “Insiders”, the inititive by Trippando.it; let’s do a quick recap: every month a topic giving a prompt to talk about out own city is chosen and all the participants develop it on their blogs. February’s topic was “Ten places to visit…“, and the March one is “Why visit…”, and of course I talk about my beautiful Genoa.

Obviously the first idea I had was to talk about my city in first person, then I remembered I have an ace up my sleeve: the irish point of view 😉 So I thought to ask Stephen, who had the possibility of being a tourist in Genoa and fell in love with the city, to help me writing down my list of motivations.

[Stephen] Because only in Genoa you can taste the true Pesto 

pesto genovese lOh yes, Stevie seems to have no doubts on which one is the first thing worthed a visit to Genoa: he fell in love with the true Pesto and now he can’t live without it. Some time ago he even protested while watching a cooking program because they made pesto with walnuts: he is already a Genoese DOC!

[Mae] Because a walk in Caruggi is an unique experience

DSC_0036lIt passed a lot of time between the moment me and Stevie met and when he was able to come to visit me in my city; in the while I couldn’t wait to show him the marvellous place where I was born, also so different from his country: the first image of Genoa I sent him was a picture of the Historical Centre. This is why I choose without exhitation a good walk in Caruggi between the motivations for visit Genoa. Also, and not casually, part of our Historical Centre is UNESCO Human Heritage site.

[Stephen] Because you can visit the biggest aquarium in Italy, the second one in all Europe

acquarioCollagelWhen we are in Ireland and Stevie’s friends ask us what they could visit in Genoa, one of the places he always recommends is the Aquarium. When he came in Genoa we went to visit it and he still talks about that as an unforgettable experience.

[Mae] Because you need just one hour to pass from the sea to the mountains

“Liguria dal satellite” di Nasa – http://rapidfire.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov/subsets/?AERONET_Ispra/2008045. Con licenza Pubblico dominio tramite Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Liguria_dal_satellite.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Liguria_dal_satellite.jpg

Liguria is a region that includes many landscapes in a little space: it overlooks on the Ligurian Sea and right at the back of the coastal line, where the main cities (and Genoa) are, start hills and then mountains. It’s not an eufemism to say that in the time of just an afternoon you can pass from the beach to the mountains, of course without missing a coffee in the city.

[Stephen] Because in Genoa there’s the famous Focaccia 

focaccia lAt this point you understood that Stevie is a gourmet and he straight away became passionate about the flavours and the many regional specialties that italian cooking offers. One of his passions is the famous Genoese Focaccia: in the picture above there’s the version with olives, but he prefers the simple one or the one with onions..

[Mae] Because you can try the “typical ligurian welcome” 

People from Genoa are unique: reserved and moody, at first impression they can seem tough (don’t worry, it’s not personal: we are like that even between us). Actually, once you pass the first barrier you will see we are good as the rest of Italy when it comes to hospitality. Maybe we are closed and sometimes a bit reluctant, but if you enter in the heart of a Genoese it will be forever. Also we have an incredible quantity of comedians; this is probably why we have a turist promotion so sarcastic and fun 😉

*Unluckily the jokes in the video are in italian; they are very funny and ironic dubbings on how we welcome people in Liguria. Now you have a reason more to study italian language 😉

[Stephen] Because there are unforgettable places, like the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno and Villa Pallavicini

I already talked about these (and many others) places in the previous article I wrote related to “Insiders”, “Top ten: 10 places to visit in Genoa“. Stevie was fascinated especially from the visits to Staglieno and Villa Pallavicini (that we visited together with Pegli Archaeological Museum, made unforgettable thanks to my good friend and awesome archaeologist Dott.ssa Donatella Pian that took us around for a personal guided visit in english language).

[Mae] Because there are always many cultural events

logo_ge_02-kbZG--600x180@IlSecoloXIXWEBFrom the exhibitions at Palazzo Ducale (e.g. the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera one, just ended) and in the many other museums of the city to the conferences, to the Ghost Tour, from the theatre plays to the concerts, Genoa never leave you with nothing cultural to do. If you want to know what is on in the city right now, you can go on the Visit Genoa Site.

[Stephen & Mae] Because there’s aperitivo

apertivo lWhen I explained Stevie the concept of aperitivo, he was incredulous until he tried it personally. “Free food just because you ordered something to drink? In Ireland people would not come out of the pubs anymore!”. And in fact, when he comes to visit me, it’s not easy at all to make him come out of the aperitivo time 😉
Anyway, from time to time we organize little irish aperitivi, but unluckily it’s not as home. Aperitivo is widespread especially in the North of Italy, and in Genoa we have a true tradition related to it.

Useless to say, this list is just a little part of the reasons to visit Genoa, but another little step is made to discover my city thanks to “Insiders“. At this point I’m very curious to know what the next topic will be; and what about you? 🙂

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