“The Art of Non-Conformity”: a little guide to not give up to conformity

Today I talk about a book I just ended to read, that maybe can be useful to all those that say my life is awesome but then don’t listen when I tell that they could change some things in their lives and do what they really want.
81ebBfki3xLWho said you have to live your life the way the other people expect you to? We all know good the standard path: a brilliant career on books, then ending our (expensive) studies and achive a life of work to pay a house we see just for few free hours. And all those that during all our childhood told us: “but if others jump the bridge, you do it to?”, today are exactly those pushing us down the same bridge.

If, while you are walking this forced path, in your mind pass the question “Is this all there is?“, so “The Art of Non-Conformity” by Chris Guillebeau is the book you were searching for. As the author says, for making it useful to you, you have to respect four principles:

  1. You must be open to new ideas
  2. You must be dissatisfied with the status quo
  3. You must be willing to take personal responsibility
  4. You must be willing to work hardAnd, since I know what he talks about, I would add:
  5. You must be ready to resist to people around you telling you are mental and being surprised and irritated very often

Chapter after chapter, Guillebeau considers the stereotypes we are used to if we want to have an averagely successfull life and destroys them, trying to make us search our true path.

The book is divided in three parts:

  1. The remarkable life: find your path
  2. Reclaiming work: what job and how to organize the money
  3. The power of Convergence

How you could imagine, the first part is about change and it includes also some little practice exercise.

I found a bit vague the part relative to jobs: I think the author doesn’t explain very good how to act; he started with online commerce, but it’s not easy at all to make something like that work and also not everyone is made for (or wants) a self-managed job.

On the opposite, l liked very much the part on leadership, followers and allies, and how to reclute and mantain them.

I completely agreed on the economic management and the decluttering: Guillebeau talks of frugality, that doesn’t mean to live in complete poverty, but to spend the money better; this means to realize what for us is the “better”. Is it really a new car? Or maybe, what you really want, if you were free, would be to travel? Also: how many of the things we own are needed? From when I started to travel between Italy and Ireland I got rid of 2/3 of my wardrobe and I spend really almost nothing in clothes. When you have no idea of when you will come back and all you can take with you has to stay in a luggage bag, you realize what is essential and what is extra. You would be surprised to know how many useless and extra things any of us owns.

The last part of the book talks about that thing that Guillebeau calls the “Convergence“: the Convergence is when everything is good and we are happy. To obtain it, according to the author, are necessary just two things:

  1. To say goodbye to the unnecessary things. This means: unwanted tasks, meetings, but even negative people.
  2. To be able to welcome the new things that will arrive to enrich our life.Saper accogliere le nuove cose che arriveranno per arricchire la nostra vita.

One of the good things of the book is for sure how it ends: “It’s your turn now“. Exactly, returning to the dedication at the start of this article: I agree completely with him, it’s your turn now. 🙂

You want this book? Buy it on Amazon at this link (so you help me buying more books 🙂 ). Thank you ♡

More info: chrisguillebeau.com/

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