Happy World Book Day!

Today is April 23th, World Book Day. I would of like writing something about it, maybe a list of my favourite books, or even to take part to one of the many events around…unluckily a period of busy, busy work took my energies somewhere else.

Nonetheless, to not remain without words, especially in a day like this, in which I hope there will be going around at least five times the normal amount of them, I share a little index of the book quotes that I published here on Bohemian Wanderer in almost a year. Enjoy!

“I have an idea that some men are born out of their due place” from “Moon and six pence”, W.S. Maugham





la peste
The easiest way of making a town’s acquaintance – from “The Plague” by Camus





In the lives of emperors there is a moment… – from “Invisible cities” by Calvino





To lose footing and fly out into eternity – from “The Spinoza of Market Street” by Isaac B. Singer





The theory of improbability – Arthur Machen

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