#DigitalInvasions at Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno – Veilino Itinerary

*Little intro for those who don’t know what #DigitalInvasions are*2i8vwuhFor the third consecutive year, right in these days, is held a very interesting series of events that link culture and digital world: I’m talking about #DigitalInvasions, a participatory initiative that groups the public in places of historical and artistic interest (and, more generally, linked to culture), making it integral part of their promotion through the production of digital materials as photos and social media contents. As we can read on the official site, the idea was born in Italy from two elements:
1) Italy is the first country in the world for tourism and culture
2) Our approach to this priceless capital is not very participatory and dinamic yet
Knowing this, why not making the fruition of museums and places of interest more engaging through events organized by the users themselves? Using the digital revolution, we can build a more dinamic and participatory relation between people and cultural heritage. This happens through the organization of visits and meetings in interesting places (the invasions) and the sharing of digital materials on social media, creating a word-of-mouth of cultural contents that, on a hand, helps the discovery of new places, and on the other transforms the visitors in main characters. 

Sunday 26th April I took part to the Digital Invasion of Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno (#id_cimiterostaglieno) organized by Marta, author of the blog Letteredalmondo, and it’s been an exciting experience. I used this occasion for a more in depth visit of an incredibly fascinating place as Staglieno, following the guided tours organized for the event. I leave to the official channels the conclusions about the event, but I share with you the pictures I took during the Invasion.

Since I have a lot of material, I decided to split it in two articles. This one you are reading is about the first tour I followed, the Veilino Itinerary, following which our incredible guides took us to the discovery of the jewish and protestant area and of the Sant’Antonino and Montino Portico, without forgetting to pay a visit to the graves of some famous characters, as Fabrizio De Andrè, Gilberto Govi and Constance Mary Lloyd, wife of Oscar Wilde. Enjoy!



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