Monterosso’s Paradise needs your help too

There’s a place in Liguria, near La Spezia, that combines spirituality, calm and hospitality: I’m talking about the Convent of Capuchin Friars in Monterosso al Mare, elected Luogo del Cuore FAI 2014/2015 by Italians.


This marvelous place is in danger. Unluckily, the Convent was badly hitted by the 2013 flood: a landslide caused the collapse of the seventeenth-century wall containing the vineyards and the historic lemon garden of the Convent. This left the Convent without its historic garden, traditionally called “the friars’ paradise”, and threatens other collapses, maybe even more serious, on one of the most beautiful ligurian hills.


Despite the emergency, the istitutions didn’t do so much, but the Friars of Monterosso, with Padre Renato in front line, didn’t give up and started to search the resources they need. Thanks to the election as Luogo del Cuore, FAI will give a 50.000 euro contribution for the restorations, and some other money was collected through the organization of activities like dinners, concerts, plays and the generosity of some friends.

Unluckily, the amount needed for the works is far higher, and so today the Friars of the Monterosso Paradise ask help to the web trying the way of crowdfunding: they activated a link on the platform ed a dedicated page on their official site to receive the offers.


Personally, evem if I gave my vote in the FAI campaign, I never had the chance to visit Monterosso Paradise, but I hope to visit soon. In the while, to better understand the marvel of the place, we can enjoy together the video “In Volo sul Cuore”, realized partly with a drone by Dronesense srl and partly with shots inside the Convent by the television productions Englishtime and Massimo Giani:

This leaves breathless, doesn’t it? Let’s not lose it!

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twitter: @conv_monterosso

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