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If you follow this blog, you would be wondering what’s happening: from an editorial plan full of news to a long silence. Here is the reason: I’m working a lot. Actually very much, probably even too much. Here it is the mistake I didn’t want to do: giving up my communication to cure the others’ one.
Today I woke up and I worked all day. Outside it was raining and at a certain point a hailstorm started. I was down, in pieces and my mood was low. In the last months I slept few and bad, and from when I arrived in Belfast I had only few free time to pass with Stevie even if we are under the same roof. And I missed these pages: to write here it is not only a good business card for my job, but also a pleasure. Bohemian Wanderer makes me happy and proud. I built it, I manage it and it is a piece of my personal expression and it’s also kinda my house in a moment in which I’m always moving around. So here I am again, with the hope of not falling back into the super-work routine, like a robot, since it is what often makes a nightmare of the life of a freelance.

Therefore, as I already said, I’m back again to Northern Ireland. I traveled alone for my usual 12-14 hours (the flight was in late and I missed the bus in consequence).

20150505_185326lWhen I think of it, I realise how the travel is long, but to hold again my Stevie I’d do it again and again. Here in Belfast an amazing desk was waiting my arrive, bought for me at the second hand shop at the corner, but worthed ten times thanks to the sweet gesture. It makes me feel home. It is little and a bit rough, with only two drawers; the biggest was left for me, for putting inside the colours and paper I have here in Ireland.

20150507_210251(0)lThen work, work, and work again. I almost couldn’t lift my eyes from the keyboard. Only at night, hardly, we have been able to take some time to have a walk…

20150509_231356l… or to drink a pint in one of the amazing pubs of the city.


Belfast, strange city, as my Genova. Sea city too, even if no, it’s not the Mediterranean. City of contrasts and stories drifting between its alleys, like in my home.

I decided to go around the city in next days, as I was doing before being swallowed up in this vortex of business. And in the while, I have anyway an excuse to go out of the house: it’s called WabiSabi and it’s an event that already seems awesome. It’s a day of co-working that I’ll pass together with many other professionals of the place. I show you only one picture for now; it’s the place where we will be for the day: Studio Souk in Belfast, and it’s simply marvellous!

11110901_1566260733639105_840370923244035456_oI’m excited and nervous at the same time: I really can’t wait! I’ll keep you updated with the progression, for now I hope you send me a big “good luck” 😉

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