[Infografica] Inside the mind of a freelance

The life of a freelance, as the one of a digital nomad, is not all bed of roses: I’m not constantly in holidays and my work and housing situations are strictly linked, so if, as in these last days, I have to fight bad house sharings (it happens more often than you can imagine, but maybe I’ll talk about this in another post) and in the while I have to work hard for new (and amazing) projects, it can happen that I forget for what absurd motivation I choose this path instead of “the easy one”.

Then, during the countless tours of the web, it happens that I sign up for the newsletter of The Freelancer by Contently and I receive straight away in my email this infographic: what is inside the mind of a freelance? What drives him to become independent? Yes, exactly 😉

This infographic dates to 2012 and has been created by a recruitment agency called 24seven on the base of a research on the freelancing field.

MindofaFreelancer-640x1307Reading the data, I’d say I’m not an exception; yes, the main reasons are exactly those in the image: flexibility and freedom come first; then, for me, surely there are also the control of my career and more work opportunities.
I agree with the top factors making the life of a freelance happy, that generally are how much my work is payed, the balance between work and personal life and the times flexibility, but I’d add also the possibility of working from any place and while traveling, that in my case is of primary importance. In the top issues keeping a freelance up at night, on the other hand, I think is missing the great problem that almost every colleague I know shares with me: the payements often in late and the expensive taxes, on the opposite, always perfectly in time. I agree on the fact that lack of path/direction sometimes can be an issue: sometimes you find asking yourself what exactly are you doing and where you will arrive like that…and these are questions not only related to the works you are doing but even about your life!
Then, it seems that the freelance happiness level is higher than the employed ones, but honestly on this topic I don’t feel to say much since it is pretty relative and it changes from person to person (generally people think that to be independent is what anyone would do if having the possibility, and for me it’s the only way, but I have friends perfectly happy of their employee situation and that would never try the freelance path, not even under torture) and from situation to situation.
Talking about numbers, in the end, I’m part of what seems to be the majority: I’m a woman and I’m in my fifth year as independent (and I have not even a little intention of stopping, I assure 😉 ).

And what about you? Do you agree with these data? Leave your opinion in the comments below 🙂

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  • E sono d’accordo con te, su tutto. Aggiungerei, tra le cose che tengono svegli la notte, la difficoltà di trovare persone che diano valore al tuo lavoro. Un po’ troppi, a mio parere, quelli che “vabbè, son capace anche da solo a gestirmi i social – il sito – il blog – etc”. Se c’è un costo, è perché hai chiamato un professionista. Poi, certo, il fai da te ci può stare: ma non pensare di ottenere risultati. Orto… 🙂
    Erika recently posted…A proposito di propositiMy Profile

  • Sì, concordo con il tuo post.
    La cosa più complessa è trovare la giusta routine di lavoro, perché la gestione del tempo è fondamentale – lo sappiamo benissimo quando ci avviciniamo ad una deadline senza aver concluso granché.
    Io ho imparato a non avere eccessiva fiducia nella me “del futuro”, ché si fa come chi dice “inizio la dieta da lunedì”.
    Per questo ho iniziato ad usare una tecnica di cui mi avvalevo per lo studio, la “tecnica del pomodoro”. Il fatto di completare una casella mi dà un senso di appagamento e mi sprona a continuare a ritmo costante. Questa tecnica mi insegna anche a non eccedere. Raggiunto un numero di ore di lavoro, concludo, senza stressarmi.
    Queste almeno le cose che ho imparato su me stessa progressivamente nel tempo, da quando sono freee-lance.

    Per quanto riguarda un commento sopra, purtroppo è vero: non vi è pieno riconoscimento del nostro lavoro.
    Un caro saluto,
    Maria Pia

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