5° WabiSabi Coworking Day, Belfast – How to prepare for a coworking event

Some months ago I wrote a post about my first coworking experience, do you remember it? I took part to the meeting of the WabiSabi group at Studio Souk in Belfast: a bit nervous, surely very curious, I passed a day together with other professionals based in Northern Ireland and it was a nice experience!

That’s why I’m very happy to take part to the next meeting organized by Dawn and Allen: the 26th August, after almost two months of solitary work, I’ll meet some other professionals and freelance for a day of sharing, knowing each other, work and good food at The Dock Market, in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter.

If you’d like to take part to the event, below you can find some info:

11822598_1593535470911631_8949844982006637376_nWabiSabi 5th Coworking Day
Wednesday 26th August 2015
from 9.30am to 4.30pm
@ The Dock Market
Titanic Quarter

To take part to the event you have to purchase a ticket that will cover the expenses for the location and the coffee/tea and lunch breaks; you can buy it at this link.

How to take advantage of a coworking day: meeting people and checklists 

shutterstock_255798454-[Convertito]My previous coworking experience, as I said above, was very positive: I worked, I chatted with some of the people in front of a coffee…but at the end of the day I was sorry that I didn’t organize better my job and times to have a chance of meeting and getting to know everyone that was there. After all, one of the advantages, and also of the purposes, of coworking is networking, even more important for professionals who work from home and doesn’t have many occasions of meeting other workers.

Since of these previous thoughts, I’ve been very happy when, together with the news of the August event, inside the WabiSabi newsletter there was even a little list of ideas to use for taking out the best from the coworking day: thanks Dawn and Allen, it was what I needed!

WabiSabi’s advices to organize your coworking day are:

  1. Plan to get one big task completed. One that you’ve been putting off.

  2. Make a short list of five smaller things you can tick off your list.

  3. Take time to make a point of introducing yourself to every new person in the room.

  4. Use lunch-break as an opportunity to ask a big pile of questions, and jump in when you know you can solve someone else’s problem for them.

The points n° 3 and 4 will be the hardest ones, because I’m naturally timid and introverted, but now that I focused I will work hard on them, so I’ll not find again myself at the end of the day sorry because I didn’t meet some of the participants.

Talking about the first two points, I’m always busy with something, but to plan exactly what to do is not easy. At first I didn’t know what to choose, then *no panic* I remembered about Todoist: weren’t there those 5 or 6 tasks that I continue to defer? Oh yes. And they are all related to this blog, also!
Here it is what I’ll try to end during the coworking day, between a chat and a coffee:

The big task will be the reorganization of Bohemian Wanderer’s editorial plan: the blog turned one year old some time ago and of course many things changed from when it was just opened; it’s time to analyze contents to see where to go during next months.

The five smaller tasks (actually not so smaller) are some activities that I intended to end before September, but that for a reason or another I always left behind…until now! 😉
Here they are:

  1. Fix the “About” section
  2. Fix the blog’s main menu (I have a scheme ready, how is it possible I couldn’t finish this yet?)
  3. Check, translate and conclude my Media Kit (yes, I have one and I’d like to make it downloadable from the blog, both in italian and english)
  4. Reactivate the “Map” page from which it was possible to choose the articles to read on a geographic base; I wasn’t sure I liked it, so I unpublished it waiting to test more interesting possibilities
  5. Not everyone know that…Bohemian Wanderer is the “son” of a previous blog; it was a web space set up in a more personal way, on a free hosting and with some issues related to analytics, SEO and double language. I created Bohemian Wanderer to have a more professional space, where I can also have technical control. Despite this, the previous blog is still online and it has even some success thanks to the article still on it; bit by bit I’m choosing the posts that could be interesting for the people coming on these pages and I’m fixing and moving them here. The fifth task will be to create a final list of the posts I need to move.

[If you have any advice, idea, tip to share regarding these tasks, it will be appreciated: you can leave a comment under this article or tell me in person in case you’ll be at The Dock Market :)]

Will I be able to do all these things? The work to do is a lot, the meeting possibilities are many, and I will try my best.
As usual I’ll report all the experience and I’ll write about it here, so don’t forget to pass again from this blog! 😉

WabiSabi’s site
WabiSabi Coworking on Facebook
WabiSabi Coworking on Twitter.
Buy your ticket on Getinvited.

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