A month of #sketchingaround Belfast

Some days after my arrive in Northern Ireland I wrote an article about a little project that I’m working on: I’m here in Belfast for a total period of more than two months (I arrived the 1st July and I’ll go back to Italy in the first decade of September) and I decided to dedicate my free moments to drawing and painting exercise; in particular I passed my first month trying to create at least a drawing per day and then posting them on my Instagram profile.

Did I make it? Almost! Even if still far from my initial goal (it’s been a difficult period due to some problems in the house sharing and this didn’t help with respecting my deadlines) I was able to publish many artworks. Below you’ll find a selection of those I like more.

Of course, since I’m the easiest available subject, even without choosing it as a rule, there are many self-portraits. I tried to use different techniques, styles and colours following my days and my mood. As result came out so many different versions of myself! What to say? It seems there are feltips days, while others are watercolours and some can be explained only with a pen.


The rest of my drawings mostly portray Stevie: he doesn’t like to be used as a model because he feels embarassed, but I make him pose anyway. We have fun thinking that he is the most portrayed person in Belfast and that one day someone will recognize him in the streets 😀

I love to go out in the afternoon and sit on a sofa in a cafè or a restaurant in Belfast and draw what I see. Above Stevie at Caffè Nero, below at Sinnamon Coffee, Wetherspoons and at Lavery’s:

Talking about Lavery’s, there I met a new friend, Mark, and I asked him to pose (just a picture then I drew him at home, since it wasn’t comfortable to do it in the middle of a full club during a friday night):

Next part of the project: to exercise with acrylic paint. Here my first two works, both on paper:

You can follow this project live on my Instagram profile, but also on my Facebook page or on Twitter 🙂

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