Learn italian with beautiful drawings on “Italian for my girlfriend”

378. In bocca al lupo - © http://italianformygirlfriend.tumblr.com

I can’t help it: while trying to help Stephen learn italian I suddenly realized I’d be a horrible language teacher. After some attempts I had to resing myself to the evidence, but I try anyway to help him with all the useful resources I can find on the web.
This is one of the reasons that made me immediatly fall in love with Rosangela and Denise’s project when I saw it: “Italian for my girlfriend” is a blog on Tumblr on which you can find a lot of italian words and common sayings, each accompanied with english translation and explanatory drawing.

378. In bocca al lupo - © http://italianformygirlfriend.tumblr.com
378. In bocca al lupo – © http://italianformygirlfriend.tumblr.com

Rosangela and Denise are an italo-american couple: they communicate in english and are both artists. When Denise decided to learn italian, to better memorize words helped herself with some drawings. She showed them to Rosangela who had the idea to create one a day and to open a blog in which collect them.
The drawings are posted by both, even if most of them are by Rosangela: as Denise explains us in the About, her girlfriend created already so many to fill three sketchbooks.

© http://italianformygirlfriend.tumblr.com

A thing that I like a lot, and that Stephen likes too, is the words’ choice: on the opposite of the boring italian language books for foreigners, proposing almost always the same terms, here you can find some unusual, but for sure more useful, words. Above all, the choice reflects the real curiosities of a foreigner approaching the italian language. For example, have a look at one of the drawings that started the project: how many italians ever thought how strange is, for someone talking another language, the fact we use two different words for “slice” (“spicchio” if it’s a slice of a citrus fruit, “fetta” if it’s a slice of something else)? 🙂

© http://ritabuuk.tumblr.com
© http://ritabuuk.tumblr.com

Another thing I like is the explaination of ways of saying: together with gestural language, they are one of the funniest things to teach/learn. Guess which one is Stephen’s favourite 😛

407: In culo alla balena - © http://italianformygirlfriend.tumblr.com
407: In culo alla balena – © http://italianformygirlfriend.tumblr.com

Hoping with this post I helped also the little community of native-english speakers living in Italy that from time to time pass by the blog, I end giving you the links to know better these two artists:

Italian for my girlfriend
Rosangela Ludovico on Tumblr
Rosangela Ludovico Portfolio

Denise’s Tumblr
Denise’s Portfolio

One last thing: as Rosangela suggests, remember to never throw confetti in Italy 😉

193: Confetti, coriandoli - © http://italianformygirlfriend.tumblr.com
193: Confetti, coriandoli – © http://italianformygirlfriend.tumblr.com
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