[Infographic] Airport hacks (Departing today!)

Yes, you read right: today I’m departing, destination Belfast!
As usual I will pass about 12 hours traveling (I know, everyone is surprised when I say it, but from my doorstep in Genoa to my doorstep in Belfast the time is that, and if flight is delayed I lose the last pullman and it takes 1-2 hours more) and I’ll take two trains, two buses and an airplane.

If I think that until some years ago I wasn’t traveling at all and I didn’t even take the plane once, it seems incredible: now I’m used to airports, so much that the wait to board, that the first times was full of anxiousness and confusion, now became just boring. This doesn’t mean that from the moment I arrive at the airport to the one that I finally sit down at my seat on the plane, I just relax: there are some activities that could be particularly stressy, even for those who are already used to all the procedure.

Talking about this, I found an amazing infographic on Toggl’s blog (for those who don’t know it: it’s a time-tracking tool, both for desktop and mobile; it is pretty useful for productivity, check it out) where are collected, in a fun and ironic way, some hacks to live your airport experience better.


Since I always travel with Ryanair, I never have the doubt “online or offline check in?”: if you don’t do it online, it ends pretty expensive 🙂
Unluckily I can’t do anything also about the boarding queue: I don’t know how it can happen every time (and I think even the onboard staff can’t find a reason for this), but the luggage of the last passengers boarding never find a free space where they should, and once I saw the hand luggages put in the hold because of this…
Pure terror! In my hand luggage I carry laptop, hard disk, camera (and fragile bags of chips 😀 )…I feel to cry even thinking about all this thrown in the hold of the plane! This is why when the gate opens I run to be one of the first passengers.
Another hack that can’t work for me is the one of not being “that guy”: my hand luggage, a Roncato trolley, unluckily has the pocket for the laptop on the bottom, so when I am at the security I have to take everything out and then to put it back. Think on it, Roncato, think on it! -____-‘

On the other hand, it is very useful the trick of the empty water bottle: at first I was ashamed, then once, being very thirsty, I payed three euro (THREE EURO) for a little bottle of water. You can look down at me how much you want while I’m filling my bottle in the toilets: if you were often in airports you could understand 😉
Soon the customization of your luggage becomes a necessity too: probably the luggage designers agreed to produce them looking all the same to make the travelers blind when they have to recognize their bag; also, after some times taking the wrong bag, you live with the anxiousness to be pointed at as a luggage thief (like if, traveling alone among half Europe, I was feeling the need of adding to what I carry a bag full of someone else’s underwear). So to customize your luggage is useful and can make you save time and social energies: I solved the problem with a coloured tag I bought at Tiger for few euro and my life at the baggage claim now is better!

Something I never thought about, and that surely from now on I will be using, is the trick of going alway on the left queue: simply brilliant! From now on, I’ll always go left 😉

Now you just have to wish me a safe travel, we will be reading/writing each other during next days from the awesome Belfast! Ciao! 🙂

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