Autumn in Botanic Gardens – Belfast (Photography Workshop)

I’ll not account for my absence because, if you were paying attention and read my last post, you already know this is a busy period, especially on the work side.
What I would like to show you today, instead, is the result of some photography workshops I’m attending in Belfast; they are held by the photographer Frederic Huska, who is teaching to a group of passionates and some noobs (like me) how to use a camera and the basis of light and composition.

Today I publish the pictures taken during last saturday’s workshop: we met at 11 at the library bar (yes, I know, it’s incredible: this workshop was able to make me wake up early in the weekend!) and, after breakfast and a chat, we went to take pictures in Botanic Gardens. The weather, contrary to what was expected from Belfast, was benevolent, so we enjoyed an hour of pictures surrounded by the marvellously autumnal colours of the park.


PicMonkey Collagel

But the true magic came later…the most incredible thing, in fact, was to meet all the group after the photo session and watch together the pictures taken by every participant: the exact same place was inflected by every person in a different way (and some even walked in couples!). For example, I naturally focused on texture and details, while others returned an open vision of the place, some pretty vivid, others dark, surreal, touching.

I was speechless, indeed.

Walking home after the meeting, I realised that my poor attraction to photography has always been linked to my unsolved relation with the mechanical means; simply, I never counted a factor, that for many of you will be probably an obvious thing: behind the camera there’s a person, with feelings, emotions, opinions, creativity. In other words: there’s life beyond mechanics and technique.

Photography is one of the expressions closer to the human eye, the true one, the inner one: I lost so much during all these years denying myself the possibility of capture in time, forever, and share my look how it is!
I strongly advice everyone to make a similar experience, for me it was really enlightening.

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