Design 1o1 Redux – Week 2: My mind

Here are my works for the second week of the course Design 1o1 Redux on iversity; the theme was “My mind” and we concentrated on storytelling through collages made with mobile apps. This was my first time working with digital collage, and at the beginning I admit it wasn’t easy having to work on my phone’s display but, time after time, I started to have fun and the results arrived in consequence.

The daily tasks were:

  1. #FlowItShowIt: to tell a story about something we hate through the collage technique
  2. #FactorOfConduction: to focus on our body and to create a collage telling about a feeling 
  3. #LiveInHangzou: to focus on our hands and to tell a story about our past 
  4. #FlexibilityOfThings: to tell a story about our personal landscape seen from above
  5. #AstralDance: to tell a story about our future with a collage


  • Alle the collage were created with PicCollage for Android. Only the third has been adjuested with a desktop software to adapt it better to Instagram default size, al the others are exactly as they were on the phone’s display.
  • #FlowItShowIt: the thing I hate is departures.
  • #FactorOfConduction: “the big perhaps”, the feeling I wanted to express is maybe, uncertainty.
  • #LiveInHangzou: the story of my past is “the day I decided to end my life as I knew it and to run living it somewhere else”.
  • #FlexibilityOfThings: I think no explaination is needed here 🙂 Anyway I feel to advice you to watch a Ted Talk that was among the daily sparks and that I loved: it’s Philippe Petit’s “The journey across the high wire”
  • #AstralDance: my future is to get lost in ink.

Thanks to teachers and collagues for the continous encouragement, I’m learning a lot thanks to this course! I love it!

You can follow me live on my Instagram profile: @Maettina

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