Design 1o1 Redux – Week 3: My time

Here we are at the third week of the path I’m following online on; as you surely saw, during last times I’m using these pages also for posting my works related to the course Design 1o1 Redux that week after week I’m creating.

Last week’s theme was “My Time” and we had to create the five projects merging an image and a diagram.

I have to admit that this time I found the tasks pretty challenging: was it maybe the diagram, that reminded me memories of unhappy afternoons passed studying scientific topics? Or perhaps the fact that I had to represent data connecting them to pictures and concepts, activities that I’m not used to? Another difficult thing was even just the choice of the theme, that from the start needed to know clearly what happens in a certain amount of time. Whatever was the problem, the important is that at the end I was able to complete also this week: if I wasn’t following this course, surely I was not putting effort in something like this, and tenacity and labour are the basis of knowledge and improvement.

This week’s tasks have been:

  1. #JawboneToFinger: what can happen in a second.
  2. #BlackMountainCollege: what can happen in a minute.
  3. #TheTimerIsOn: what can happen in an hour.
  4. #InThePinwheel: what can happen in a day.
  5. #OlderThanTheSea: what can happen in a week.

Enjoy my works:

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