Design 1o1 Redux – Week 4: My diary

Evaluation recap of my fourth week of the course “Design 1o1 Redux” on iversity.

The theme was “My diary” and we had to create a multi-level image with different elements to add day by day, posting them with a nice caption; we could decide also to restart if we weren’t satisfied, but I preferred to mantain the same image during all the five days following the concept of a physical diary.

This week’s tasks have been:

  1. #ToMeetTime: to choose a background for our diary 
  2. #ToDrawFlowers: to insert a “printed” image
  3. #Notebookness: to add a text from somewhere else 
  4. #GameOfTension: to draw or write something directly on our background
  5. #DearVelazquez: to add a “special element” (a flower, a bus ticket, etc)

Here is my work:


  • #ToMeetTime: Photo courtesy of
    “Guardo le bianche rocce le mute fonti dei venti E l’immobilità dei firmamenti.”
    “I gaze at the white rocks the mute source of the breeze And the immobility of the firmament.”
    Dino Campana
  • #ToDrawFlowers: the polaroid I added to my background contains the first picture I took during my first travel to Belfast, the 26th December 2011. The pic was taken with my smartphone without any filter; it portrays the landscape + reflection on the window of the train that from Genoa was taking me to Milan Central Station.
  • #Notebookness: part of one of Apollinaire’s Calligrammes (Cœur couronne et miroir, here the complete one), this is the mirror:
    “Dans ce miroir je suis enclos vivant et vrai comme on imagine les anges et non comme sont les reflets”
    In this mirror, I am enclosed a live and real as you imagine angels and not like the reflections.
  • #GameOfTension: drawing and hand writing created with Bamboo Paper per Android
  • #DearVelazquez: since of my obsession for leaves, I couldn’t help but choose one to insert in my work; it comes from a paper diary, but originally was on the ground in Lurgan Park.

You can follow me live on my Instagram profile: @Maettina

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