The morning after.

black-windows_542931So much desperation reading what happened in Paris last night, and so much desperation reading as well the many comments that today are making Facebook and most of the web unpleasant spaces. We all know that hate generates hate, but seeing the old saying in reality is pretty scary, and to read and observe many people raging as rabid dogs against the weak ones – those who ran away from wars they didn’t want, as we could be tomorrow – scares me even more.

Maybe it is because here, when I walk in the streets and talk to people, I am the immigrant and sometimes someone decides to treat me as one, giving me “what I deserve” as many voices were saying today.
Maybe it is because I come from a people of migrants and my boyfriend as well, and sooner or later one of us will end living in a foreigner country and, it’s not importante if it will be me or Stephen, this kind of behaviours will hurt anyway.
Maybe it is the fact I have two friends, one Parisian and one Sirian refugee, and this morning, when I read the news, I was concerned about both of them. And I continue to think that, if we were in Paris, there was a possibility we were all at that concert at the Bataclan: an Italian, a Northern Irish, a French and a Sirian. Was it making any difference the nationality if one of us was killed?

Let’s not confuse crime with culture and resist the temptation of becoming beasts ourselves: we have to not let this steal our soul. Let’s remain human.

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