Letter from an imaginary man: a docutale about love letters

pressbook-1Today I want to talk about a project I liked straight away and about which I wanted to write some time ago, but too many things came in my way. Then in the last days the bad events we all know started to happen and for some time I sincerely didn’t feel to write, but this morning I woke up with the will of breaking the bad enchantement we are all victims of. So I will talk of love, and I will do it through this project that has as leitmotiv dream and happiness, daily life and romanticism, and that, in his own small way, will give you back some faith in the human genre: “Letter from an imaginary man“, this is the name of the “docutale“, as the author calls it, a video work based on love letters and also an artistic project that joins multimedia theatre and video art.

The director Matilde De Feo, inspired by personal happenings, collected feelings and words in video starting from an ambitious idea: searching for people willing (and being so brave) to read their letters, the received, the found ones or those never sent, in front of a camera.

11161688_465284040312564_2492857238097366907_oThe answer to her search was incredible, with almost one hundred contacts in twenty days, so Matilde got to work choosing the most interesting stories and starting collect the material, meeting and filming every subject in a unique scenery. The landscapes surrounding the characters are chosen to create a magic, surreal atmosphere, that suspends the people and their stories over time and space, leaving breath especially to the read words and to the memories linked to them, like in fables.

A year of shooting became the basis of the project, and a skillful editing transformed it in the 41 minutes that soon, hopefully, we all will be able to watch.

Yes, because from the last 22th October “Letter from an imaginary man” started its path to reach the screens all around Italy with some presentation events and a crowdfunding campaing on IndieGogo to cover the expenses already supported and the future ones.
The objectives of the campaing are the completion of the documentary and its distribution worldwide, plus the shooting of further material for the creation of an artistic installation. In exchange of your offers you will receive perks as poetic as the project: from the ones you would expect, as the streaming preview or the dvd box, to your own letter shared on the official channels of the initiative, or even the shooting of a movie/letter with the same style of the documentary as special gift to your loved one.

There’s still a month to give your contribution to the project: we wish to see soon this work on the screens of our cities thanks also to the crowdfunding campaign; in the while let’s imagine it already there, at its goal, ready to be used as a little antidote to share good feelings aroud us because, as Matilde De Feo says, it’s impossible to love without imagining.

Below you can watch the teaser, enjoy!

More info:
Official site

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