Design 1o1 Redux – Week 5: My Food

Evaluation recap of my fifth week of the course “Design 1o1 Redux” on iversity.

This week the theme has been “My Food” and we had to find a way to create something between cooking and mapping: as first thing we had to start a research about the world of maps and at the same time to choose a recipe to work on during the week; I chose Genoese Pesto sauce, of course 😉
Then, day by day, we had to inflect the various parts of the recipe creating images as usual simple, clear and explanatory.
Week after week the works we have to create are becoming more complicated and elaborated; this time especially for me it wasn’t easy at all, since in the middle of the week I lost some days due to traveling, and I remained behind; at the end, struggling a bit, I made it anyway 🙂

This week’s tasks have been:

  1. #YorkshirePudding: choose a recipe to use during the week and at the same time research about maps; post on Instagram three among our favourites. 
  2. #GarlicTurmeric: create a map of the ingredients of the chosen recipe. 
  3. #SpecialDish: create a map of the tools needed to cook the chosen recipe.
  4. #WithFireworks: create a map of the essential steps for cooking the chosen recipe. 
  5. #Cookbook1o1: join all the previous elements together in the compete recipe. In this case it was possible to create up to three images to post on Instagram, but I preferred to make just one. 

Here are my works for the week:


  • The maps I chose for the first day are:
    – the first printed map of Genoa, my city, dating back to 1493.
    – the famous Liver of Piacenza, Etruscan life-sized bronze model of a sheep liver; it was used for haruspicy. The model is a map of the sheep liver’s parts related to the different deities.
    – detail of a leaf’s skeleton, map of its lymphatic system.
  • The Genoese Pesto sauce recipe:
    – Voltri basil
    – Garlic
    – Oil
    – Grated cheese (Parmigiano)
    – Pecorino
    – Pine nuts
    – Boiled potatoes and long green beans
    (Pasta: trofie)
    Insert basil leaves (better if the Voltri type), a clover of garlic, grated cheese (Parmigiano), pecorino, pine nuts, salt, oil in the mortar and mash it until the ingredients reach a sauce consistency.
    If you like, add boiled potato and long green beans, string out (just a bit) with hot water and flavour the pasta.
    Suggested pasta: trofie.

You can follow me live on my Instagram profile: @Maettina

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