Design 1o1 Redux – Week 6: My Clothes

Evaluation document of my sixth week of the course “Design 1o1 Redux” on iversity.

This week’s theme has been “My Clothes” and with it we entered the fashion field, creating our little personal fashion week. We had to choose an inspiration and then to develop a garment, from the project to the choice of the fabric, to the choice of the perfect model and the final photo shoot.

This week’s tasks have been:

  1. #DressImpeccably: to choose an inspiration and to draw our garment’s design. 
  2. #CrepeOrNeoprene: to choose the fabric or material for our garment.
  3. #BeingAliveToday: to join our garment with the chosen material. 
  4. #LadyGagaHeadToToe: to choose the perfect model to wear our garment.
  5. #RealFantasies: to create a fashion photo shoot of our model wearing the garment we created. 

Here are my works for the week:


  • #DressImpeccably: I chose as inspiration the work of the designer Marko Mitanovski (do I need to say I love his work? 😉 ) and the garment I decided to recreate is a jacket/top he designed.
  • #CrepeOrNeoprene: the material I chose was black faux leather.
  • #LadyGagaHeadToToe: the template for my paper doll model is taken from the site To mantain the image clean I posted the model on white background as it was on the site, then later I printed, cut and built it. The work was planned from the first task: the garment that I drew the first day was already the model’s size.
  • #RealFantasies: as I just said, the paper doll wasn’t digitally recreated, instead it was a true model wearing the garment.
    003I scanned it, then digitally cut it and I put it on a background I’ve chosen later, during the last step. The drawing effect is made through the use of digital filters on the collage.





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