#MuseumWeek 2016: for a week the museums are protagonists on Twitter

Almost exactly twelve months are passed from the previous edition and Museum Week is back!
Do you remember what I am talking about? I wrote about it last year and now I’m back talking about it to remind you the next edition, that takes place from today, Monday 28th March, to Sunday 3rd April 2016.

Cover-englishBut let’s start from the beginning:

#MuseumWeek, what is it?

Museum Week is an event dedicated to museums, born in France in 2014 and that became global in no time thanks to word-of-mouth: we read this also in the description on the official Twitter profile, that says “1st worldwide cultural event on Twitter • Born in France, raised by the World”. And the World did a great work since in just two years the event was able to collect the subscriptions of little, medium and big museums from every country, until reaching, with this edition, more than 3200 museum organizations (almost redoubling the 2015 result, in which there were around 1800 participants), from Algeria to Zimbabwe.
The growing fame of the initiative is highlighted also by the fact that Twitter decided to tie to the official hashtag a personalised icon: if you try to post with the #MuseumWeek hashtag, in fact, you will see the little logo appearing inside your tweet.

How does it work?

Museum Week is an intiative that takes place completely on Twitter, where various museums, together with the social media’s users, for a week fill the platform sharing contents to promote their organisations using the official hashtag #MuseumWeek plus other seven, related to as many themes, one each day.

The hashtags

12063628_1753499704882647_3488080403484250184_nThis year the hashtags are the following ones:

Monday 28th March (today): #secretMW → the museums introduce themselves, talk about their daily life and backstage, unveiling also some hidden secret.

Tuesday 29th March: #peopleMW → this is the day dedicated to people, know or unknown, that helped in the creation of the museum: founders, donors, benefactors, but also members of the staff that every day work to make the magic possible.

Wednesday 30th March: #architectureMW → the museums will talk about architecture and gardens, and consequently about their story.

Thursday 31st March: #heritageMW → the focus of this day is the cultural heritage of the museums, tangible or not: it is the day for promoting the variety of contents, in storage or online.

Friday 1st April: #futureMW → Friday will be the day dedicated to innovative projects, research and goals for every museum; through these contents it will be possible to understand the future developments of every organisation.

Saturday 2nd April: #zoomMW → this is the day in which the museums will share details and anecdotes related to their collections.

Sunday 3rd April: #loveMW → the ending day will be dedicated to the most loved things in the museum, from the most famous piece of the collection to the most beautiful rooms; the contents of this day will as well be useful to help using Twitter as a tool for the visits.

Museum Week: why?

The Museum Week had been created to make promotion accessible not only to the big museums, but also to the more little organization, the ones that often don’t have the resources to make their voices heard even if they hide masterpieces and treasures as well; with it, they have a possibility too to be known from the great public on Twitter.
Also the museums often, since of the richness of the collections, are unable to promote pieces that are secondary but still important, or the history, the details, the people: the initiative also helps giving a different, deeper and alternative view on the museum organisations, creating a dialogue between the museum and the visitors that offers to both the occasion to create new possibilites for visits and to enjoy a different identity of the museum itself.

The museums

Do you want to have a look at the museums that are taking part to the event and to see if your favourite one is there or to know new ones? You can check the complete list of the subscriptions to the Museum Week 2016, published on the official site.

Are you ready to enter the incredible world of Museum Week? You just only have to open Twitter and search for the first hashtag: #secretMW 😉


Museum Week 2016 official site
Museum Week 2016 official Twitter profile

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