Read and travel: why I don’t read e-books anymore

Do you remember my articles about e-books?
Since I’m an avid read, I had to test more convenient ways to read while traveling than carrying heavy books around different countries. I bought a tablet (an Asus that unluckily I’ll have to dismiss soon, so if you have any advice you can leave them in the comments) and, after years of doubt, I decided to try e-books.
For some time it even worked good: I could have all the books with me when I wanted them, I didn’t have anymore to worry about the weight of the volumes if I was about to depart, also e-books are generally cheaper than paper books and it is possible to find many classics for free, therefore I was expecting a future of doubled, tripled reading…but no.

Instead it didn’t happen.

I found it out during the last Christmas period; hear the story.

Since I can remember, my mom always encouraged me to read: when I was about six-seven she gifted me my first classic stories for children, at eleven I could ask for any book (but really any: she ordered me a copy of Freud’s “The Interpretation of Dreams” when I asked for it) and from adolescence one of the rituals for my birthday or Christmas was always to take me to Feltrinelli and let me choose all the books I wanted. She was buying some too and, after hours of search, we were going out of the bookstore with a big smile and the fingers itching for the wish of turning those new pages; then, once ended reading, we were exchanging them with each other.
Coming back to our days: during last years, a bit because in the while I grew up and also since I’m often away, we lost this tradition. I always found at least a book under my Christmas tree, though, but we didn’t go to the bookstore anymore. Until the period just before last Christmas, when me and my mom were in the centre of Genoa searching for gifts and it was just a moment finding ourselves inside Feltrinelli, as in the old times. We entered as all that time never passed, but suddenly, surprisingly for her (and, I admit, for me as well), I realised I didn’t want any book: I didn’t want to read anything in particular…actually I didn’t want to read, period.

At the end, forcedly, I took a book from a shelf: I wanted to read something by Jodorowsky from some time and I chose his “Quando Teresa si arrabbiò con Dio” (the english title should be “Where the bird sings best”).

Regalo in anticipo ♡ #alejandrojodorowsky #books #libri #natale #Christmas #christmasgift #regalidinatale #bookworm #booknerd

Una foto pubblicata da Maettina (@maettina) in data:

Then I pondered: how much time was it from when I forced myself to be deprived of the happiness of buying a paper book, feel its weight in my bag, look the pages I already read and those still to open, smell its paper? And how much did this affect my wish of reading?

Unluckily: a lot.
Bit by bit, the system that at the beginning seemed a good way to save some space in my luggage was transformed in something that was taking away my pleasure of reading.

The solution was only one: stop virtual books, welcome back paper ones.

Trying to read…I wish. #sticky #stickycats #kittens #gattine #cats #gatti

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There’s more: I went back to Feltrinelli with my colleague Erika and I bought more (because come on, books are never enough):

And, since one of my good resolutions for this year is to read books in their original language, I went around second hand bookstores in Belfast and I came out with these two:

At the moment I’m reading Ellis: I already loved him in the italian translation, to read one of his books in the original language is pure happiness.

In conclusion: I continue to think, as in the past, that the virtual format can be good for all those books that I buy to keep myself updated for work and for the touristic guides as well; talking about literature, on the opposite, I’m going back 100% to paper books. I can’t exclude that in the future I could decide to buy and read some more e-books even in this field, but always keeping in mind that, whatever other people say, at least for me the medium is very, very important.

And now I’m ready to fill the shelves of my bookcases even in Belfast 😉

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