#whereismydesk: an hashtag for smart working people

Smart work, the intelligent work solution that let workers free from offices, is finally starting its diffusion in Italy: everyday more people ask for the possibility of working from home, some just partially, with reduced office times, some totally; some others, like me, travel in the while. This is why new related initiatives are born everyday.

How many times I was surprised myself realizing how lucky I am to work from incredible places? From the hostel with a view on the Atlantic Ocean just below Mussenden Temple in Northern Ireland to this very moment, in which I’m writing on a train that from Luzern will take me to Milano Centrale, watching from the window the fog moving among the woods, on the rocks, covering the swiss green landscape.

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Una foto pubblicata da Maettina (@maettina) in data:

It seems a dream for many, doesn’t it? Yet, it’s possible. I’m not the only one, everyday more and more people are choosing freedom from the four walls of the office and the 9-5 work times. I did it thanks to a self-employed position, others do this even remaining employees. Some from the train, some from home, others from co-working, thanks to all these people it’s becoming pretty easy to find on the web articles and information about this revolution that is happening right now. And there are pictures, of course. Hundreds of pictures, because who wouldn’t want to take a pic of his work place, when it’s making life better and it’s beautiful as well?

From some time now, thanks to an idea by Wingage, training and communication company owned by GSO group, has been created an hashtag to collect all these pictures of incredible work places: #whereismydesk.
More than once I took pictures of the places from where I work and I like very much the idea of using an hashtag common to all the people similar to me, so we can create a little community where to share and browse and – why not? – show companies that a better way of working is possible.
Thanks to this you can discover there are many places from where you can work: from the classic cafè to a bench, a beach, a train, a restaurant, while traveling. 

The hashtag #whereismydesk has been launched in relation to an event held the 14th of April, dedicated to the various cases of smart work, featuring speeches from companies that are approaching this solution in a satisfying way, e.g. Barilla, Microsoft, Coca Cola HBC. Unluckily I knew about the event too late or I would of take part in it for sure.

On the web there’s also an official site of the hashtag where are collected all the pictures posted by the users and the results of a questionnaire related to smart work (you can answer as well if you like); you can find it at the link whereismydesk.org, don’t forget to have a look!

Digital nomads, which never fail connection or camera, I’m talking especially to you: where is your desktop today? Take pictures and use the hashtag #whereismydesk to share on the web, I’m curious to peek into your unconventional desks!

Here’s another one by me: Midori and notebook at Caffè Nero in Belfast 🙂

Update 02/06/2016: just few days after I wrote this article I came across a similar initiative by The Guardian; you can find other pictures related to smart work, remote work and digital nomadism at this link.

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