World Watercolor Month: 31 days of watercolor for a good cause!

A month dedicated to watercolor? Never heard of it before!

And in fact this will be the first time: from Friday 1st July everyone is invited to take part to the project #WorldWatercolorMonth creating one (or more, if you prefer) watercolor drawing per day and posting it online using the official hashtag.

world-watercolor-month-header-31-in-31-days_22Doodlewash and the Manifesto

World Watercolor Month has been founded by the group Doodlewash, led by talented Charlie O’Shields; as for the Urban Sketchers movement (I talked about it here), also in this case there is a proper Manifesto: 10 rules based on what you can do instead of what is forbidden 😉
Here it is:

  1. DO create whatever moves you
  2. DO learn from the masters, they’re super awesome
  3. DO laugh when your work doesn’t look (AT ALL) like the masters
  4. DO create as much as you can
  5. DO focus on the peaceful enjoyment and have fun
  6. DO smile when things don’t turn out as expected
  7. DO something new everyday
  8. DO support others along the way
  9. DO try the hard stuff before you think you’re ready
  10. DO & then DO some more. Just keep doodling!

It is not easy to propose a month to celebrate something internationally: every year about 18.000 requests are submitted trying to make a period officially accepted as the celebration of something, and only 30 are accepted. Doodlewash tried to submit July as the month of watercolor and they made it: from now on, these 31 days of the year will be a celebration of art.

The good cause

But why put so much effort in this initiative? Because behind it there’s another one, more important, a good cause: World Watercolor Month helps raising awareness for the work of The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, that wants to give the possibility of developing art skills to the less fortunate children and young adults around the world. All proceeds of the initiative, artistic materials or funds from the World Watercolour Month official shop, will go to the Foundation.

How it works

As we said before, taking part to the event is pretty easy: during all July 2016 we will just have to post on the web one watercolor artwork a day using the official hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth.

You don’t have enough time? No problem: there’s no obligation, you can take part anyway with what you are able to produce.

The event is open to everyone, at any level, in any part of the world (so, if you are reading, stop worrying about being good enough or in the right zone), and also the theme is free, so everyone can feel creative without boundaries.

Are you ready? If you decide to take part in the intiative drop me a comment below if you want, or just see you on the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth 🙂


Doodlewash official website
World Watercolor Month
Official Facebook group

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