Sketching around – New food I tasted in Switzerland

Last week I passed some days in the german part of Switzerland and I decided to keep a little sketch-diary of the typical food I tasted.

I consider food one of the most interesting parts of traveling abroad: maybe since I’m used to the culture of food in Italy, where you just need to pass the limits of a region (sometimes of a city) to find different food, I expect to find as much typical cooking also when I visit other nations. Often this doesn’t happen or, better, it is not as evident as in my country, but if you search for typical food, there it is. Below you can find the ones I tasted and then sketched during my short swiss trip.

cheese and dried meat switzerland okThe first food I tasted in Switzerland was part of an aperitivo kind of meal: just five minutes after I entered the house I already had in my hand a beer and the tablewas suddenly covered in cutting boards and food.
1 – Rauchmöchli – Sliced dried meat. Reminded me of bresaola, but the taste is very smoked.
2. Sahnekäse Appenzeller: Appenzeller is a kind of cheese typical of Switzerland.
3. (Normal) Bread.



sausages switzerland ok1. Mashed potatoes
2. Kalbwurst: white wurstels made of chicken meat. I’ve never seen them anywhere else before. The taste is more delicate than the wurstel we are used to.
3. Brot mit kreuter: a sliced bread to cook in the oven; there’s some butter and herbs on every slice. It reminded me of the garlic bread that in Ireland is passed off as italian specialty (but really, I’ve never seen it in Italy!).



mayo switzerland ok1. Mayonnaise mit frischem Knoblauch o Knobli: garlic mayonnaise.
2. Mayonnaise mit senf: mustard mayonnaise.




ram vegetables switzerland okHalbRahmgemüse: “rahm vegetables” are a side made of mixed vegetables (carrots, sweetcorn and peas) and cream. They have to be served warm.





wurstel switzerland ok1. Cervelas: red wurstel of pork meat.
2. Mayonnaise mit frischem Knoblauch: garlic mayonnaise.
3. Pork steak




rubharb pie switzerland okRhabarber kuche: rhubarb pie. On the opposite than Italy, where hardly I heard of it, both in Switzerland and Northern Ireland rhubarb is a fairly widespread plant. Strangely, I tasted my first rhubarb pie during my last trip. Rhubarb has a rather sour taste and is appropriate both to sweet and savoury plates. This pie had sugar in it, but wasn’t too much sweet.


black forest cake switzerland ok1. Schwarzwälderkirschtorte: the famous Black Forest Cake.
I’m not a dessert lover, especially of those with fruit. Every time I saw the Black Forest Cake in Italy it was covered in berries or cherries, so I never ordered it.
But at the cafè in the center of Luzern it was mostly made of cream and chocolate, so I seized the opportunity to finally taste it. Against all odds, it wasn’t too sweet (even if, I confess, for me a slice was more than enough) and the taste was well balanced. Really, really good.
2. Espresso: in Switzerland there’s the use of combining a slice of cake with a coffee. In fact the cafè we’ve been to was a big elegant room with the entrance made of giant showcases full of cakes: to choose just one among the marvels inside them has been a true pain.

apple juice switzerland okSüssmost: apple juice is a much loved drink in Switzerland. We went to take it at a shop that to me was strange: you go inside, help yourself and pay, all this without anyone around checking. The products on display are fresh and natural, coming directly from the producer, and also this juice, or “must” as they call it, was as well. On the hadwritten signs, in fact, it’s adviced to drink it soon.
You can choose to bring your bottle or to use the ones available there; the price will vary of few cents.






Did you taste any of these foods? Or which ones are the “must taste” you want to advice me for my next time in Switzerland? Leave a comment below if you like 🙂

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