Pentel Multi8: how to carry around 8 colours but only one pencil

Let’s start with a big truth: if you have an eccentric, original need, you just have to look East and surely you will find someone in Japan who invented something for you.

In my case, you already know the need: colours and tools for drawing that are easy and comfortable to take with me while I travel. I talked about this in a previous article, when I presented you my Midori notebook (thanks everyone for the many visits!), and today I write of another accessory about which many people asked me information: it’s the multi lead holder Pentel Multi8.

This is kinda an automatic pencil and lets you carry around not just one or two, but eight colours in a minimum space.

do what you loveMy first move in this field was the bicolor pencil (yes, the old one that has red on one side, blue on the other), but only two shades after a bit where not enough: I wanted more colours, but to take them around meant to add a pouch or a box to my bags. And, of course, this was not even minimally considered.

Then one day, while surfing the web, I found out about Pentel Multi8: an automatic pencil that works like the old pens I was using in school, the ones with the rotatable upper part that was letting you chose which coloured ink to use. Inside the holder, a bit thicker than a normal pen or pencil, there are 8 different coloured leads.

As I seen it, I immediatly decided to get one: they can be bought only in Japan, I found them on Amazon. There were both the Pentel Multi8 itself and the kit complete with refill leads; since of the long (and expensive) travel that they have to do to arrive to Europe, I chose the kit, and I recommend it to you as well.

Pentel 8 - 1lIt contains this:

  • 1 Pentel Multi8 holder with inside 8 coloured leads
  • 8 refill containing two 2mm coloured leads each
  • a micro-sharpener
  • an instruction sheet in english and japanese

I recommend you to read the instructions in the box, especially for the first use: to work the pencil is pretty intuitive, but if you don’t put the leads back inside in the right manner you risk to break them in the holder when you rotate it to choose another colour.

In the picture below there’s an example of the colours available in my kit (I think I saw another one with different colours, but I can’t find it anymore):

pentel multi8 - colourslThe colours are: green, yellow, orange, brown, blue, red + two colours (a light blue and a light purple) that cannot be copied, very good to use for the draft of drawings that will be scanned.
The consistency of the leads, as maybe you will notice from the paper above, is pretty soft: more similar to a pastel than to a classic coloured pencil.

One of the things I love more of this multi-pencil is how easy and comfortable is to take it around: I carry 8 colours, but only one pencil. Also it is perfect to be inserted inside the standard Midori’s plastic pocket:

In conclusion, as you can see, this is a pretty good tool for all those who love to draw and sketch while traveling or outdoor.

If you want some examples, these are some of the sketches that I drew lately with Pentel Multi8:

Sketching Around – On the train in Genoa
Sketching around – On the Enterprise Dublin – Belfast
Sketching around – New food I tasted in Switzerland

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