The 14 day drawing challenge: two weeks of drawing, 10 minutes per day

Maybe it’s summer, with its long, luminous days, that makes us think of free time, or maybe it’s the more clement weather (not so much in Belfast, to be honest), who knows? The fact is, this July seems full of events linked to art and drawing.

After writing about the World Watercolor Month, started just 5 days ago, I found another event to which you should take part if you want to find time for drawing: I’m talking about “The 14 day drawing challenge“, a “challenge” that will take away just only 10 minutes of your time every day, helping you in the while keeping up with some daily drawing exercise.

indexTo take part in it you just have to subscribe to the newsletter sent by United ArtSpace, the organizers, and every day you will receive an email containing a subject to develop in just 10 minutes. The initiative will start Friday 8th July and will go on for 14 days, during which you could share your artworks with a nice community posting them on social media with the hashtag #drawingchallenge.

Why 14 days? Because the initiative has been thought for all those people which would like to regularly exercise in drawing but that, since of the personal and work engagements, can’t find the time and so, after a while, just give up. 10 minutes per day for 14 days is not really a so hard commitment; then, if you can do it together with a group of other artists, it seems even easier.

But what about my World Watercolor Month? If possible (and I don’t doubt it will be), I will join the two initiatives, so to carry them on together. unnamedUnited ArtSpace is a project created by two english artists, Michelle Lloyd and Sharon Griffin, that wants to create an active international community of creative minds. To get involved you can subscribe to their newsletter and to the Facebook group “The Virtual Art Studio“.

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