World Watercolor Month – Week 1

1/31 – If you are an italian in Belfast, it’s almost impossible you never met Tani: he lives in Northern Ireland but originally he is from Sicily. He is a musician and you can find him often playing around the city. I met him in Caffè Nero and I decided that my World Watercolor Month would start like this:

tanil2/31 – For the second day I couldn’t think of what to draw. I often use watercolours, but when “you have to”, it tastes more of exercise. So, let’s make it fully an exercise: I chose a still life, tis time on watercolour paper under the curious eyes of my cat Muffin.

IMG_20160703_111337l3/31 – I have a true obsession for the cups we bought for the house: I thought it was a good idea to insert one in my composition, so the bright red of the poppies could break the white of the rest of the objects.

IMG_20160703_120909l4/31 – To make sure I wasn’t remaining without watercolour paper even when outside, I created a little insert for my Midori. The fourth day I started it working on tones; subject: some of my dear spice bottles.

IMG_20160704_093642l5/31 – Let’s work with Ecoline! The gloomy day made me want to use some brilliant colours: I added them to the view from my bedroom’s window in Belfast (again, the previous one is here).

belfast street ql6/31 – Every day I take a so huge amount of pictures of my cats (my poor Facebook contacts know it pretty well) that I could draw them infinite times, in all the possible poses.This is Bagel, Ecoline again, watercolour insert in my Midori again.

bagelsl7/31 – In Belfast Botanic Gardens there is a beautiful liberty glasshouse containing rare plants, with original and bizzarre shapes and colours. So I can’t tell you why I chose to draw a pretty banal one, but it happened. The name, at least, sounds pretty exotic: Sansevieria Trifasciata. Again Ecoline.

If you want to know something more about World Watercolor Month you can read what I wrote in a previous article: World Watercolor Month: 31 days of watercolor for a good cause!

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