10 suggestions to sleep on the airplane. [Departing again!]

Ten tips to help you fall asleep on a plane - What to pack and what do before and during the flight.

Here we go again: tonight I’ll be leaving Northern Ireland for Italy. Luckily, Ryanair introduced the new route Belfast/Orio al Serio, so for the first time I’ll be able to avoid the two hours travel to reach Dublin. Despite this, the story is the same: with a flight departing around 6 am, the travel is partly nighttime. And, since I use public transport and I’ll be in Genoa only in the afternoon, if I can sleep on the flight is better.

Unluckily it is not an easy thing, who tried it before will know what I’m talking about. First thing: (I know it will seem incredible, but) I’m scared of flying. Then, being squeezes in the minuscule Ryanair seat, perhaps in the middle of screaming kids and indulgent parents, isn’t really the most comfortable situation you can imagine. Also, the departure always stresses me out and to sleep while you are full of adrenaline isn’t so easy.

While searching for advice on the web on how to better live my travel, I found this nice infographic that collects some. Apart from the one that suggests to have few sleep and get tired the day before, that I don’t recommend to those who, like me, are anxious about flying, the other tips are nice:



And now: I hope to have a good travel and to be able to sleep.

Credit: infographic by Work The World, found on Zingarate

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